Badges shown next to usernames

We now show badges next to usernames for members who shared great posts, got involved in the community and helped out forum grow

Click on a badge to find out more about it.

Drop @admins a PM if you or someone else is missing a badge. Cheers!

As always, we’d like your feedback on this new feature:

  • I like to see badges next to usernames
  • I don’t like to see badges next to usernames
  • Don’t mind either way
  • Other (please comment)

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If the decision is to make this a permanent feature, can they at least be turned off? In the way members have the option to turn off the “online” notification.

Just to clarify what you’re asking: Members can hide their online status via preferences. Are you looking to hide your own badges from display to others? Or would you prefer not to see badges for any members?

We may be able to do the former, but it’ll probably mean removing the badges from your profile altogether.

If there’s a particular badge you prefer to hide, let me know, as the choice of badges shown next to usernames is up to us.

My first preference is not to see them on display at all. It feels somewhat juvenile. Not quite gold stars in primary school but more akin to those found on boy/girl scout sashes. It feels unnecessarily competitive. I had always felt the trusted/verified label was sufficient to show the level of importance to the community.

If the community does go ahead with this, I’d prefer to have the option not to have these displayed next to my name. For the same reason I don’t use academic honorifics. So yes… an option to hide them in the same way online status is hidden.

As for type of badges… never fully understood the need for a “meet up” badge. There have been many local meet-ups facilitated by the Forum which were never Forum ‘sanctioned’.


Done. I found a way to do this without removing badges from your profile.

I’ve also made the colours a bit more subtle.

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I seem to have gained a couple of badges today… were you testing?

I realised a few people were missing badges they should have received.

All: let @admins know if anyone is missing a badge.

I’ve got more than you!
A little embarrassing really and completely irrelevant to anything somebody posts.
It is just clutter on the page.

I can hide your badges if you prefer (or if there are particular badges you’re concerned about, I can remove those from the list of badges shown?)

If there isn’t a consensus among the members, should we have an indicative vote on alternative options?

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I’m not sure what it really adds. I suppose if you’re not verified, it could give a sense of how engaged someone is. But it’s easy enough to click on their name and get a sense of how active they are.

I don’t think it works well on mobile where they’re not really big enough to identify without clicking on them. I imagine on desktop where you can hover it might be better.

Does anyone actively ‘collect’ them or do people only really look when one pops up when earned?

I only look when one pops up, and generally out of bemusement as they always seem to be for something that was posted months earlier… or “awarded” by an unseen body.

I initially read this as “Badgers”. And am now slightly disappointed.

As you were…


Now i want a badger on my profile.


Perhaps we could just create our own badges. I’d like a butterfly.

Is this a non-binding referendum or should the badges be removed given that 60% of users who expressed a preference wanted to lose the badges?

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