Bagged dog poo...

Someone or several someone’s has taken to bagging up their dog poo (in black poo bags) and just throwing it on the ground. There’s some just outside my house, I’ve seen some round the corner and even wedged into the knot hole in someone’s garden fence… It doesn’t get removed by a magic road sweeping poo fairy, it certainly doesn’t biodegrade and it doesn’t disappear. I’m slightly bewildered why anyone would bag it up, and then think it’s ok to just dump a bag of shit on the ground… So whoever you are… please take your bags of poo and throw them into a public litter bin…
thank you…


It’s a weird one, but if you Google for something like “dog poo bags hung in bushes” you’ll see it is sadly something of a national problem.

Sadly they are like flowers in bushes here in the countryside. I just don’t get it, you go to all of the trouble of carrying bags, you pick up the steaming poo, tie a knot in the bag, then hang it in a bush???

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At least it’s in a bag… someone left one on a wall on a bit of cardboard last week and I think it’s still there.

The only reasoning I can think of is that some dog owners think they will be fined for literally not picking up their dog’s poo, so pick it up… and do as little else as possible.

If only some people would even bag it. My home office overlooks the street and twice in the last month I’ve watched a walker allow their dog to take a shit in my beds which border the street, then continue on their way. The second person got an earful which looks to have pushed her to the other side of the street for her walks. So I can only apologise to that side of Sunderland Road.


Neighbourhood poo watch


I think some people pick it up and bag it only if they think they can be seen. Once they think no one’s looking they get rid of the bag.

That’s why air rifles were invented :wink:

I see that a lot too Not so much my garden, where the front border is raised and walled but where every passing dog walker thinks their dog has a right to pee all over it and the flowers trailing over it. But my neighbours garden is on street level and it must be horrible for her the number of dog walkers I’ve seen allowing their dogs to do their stuff there. I chased after one once and he was genuinely shocked that I thought it was a problem. “He wasn’t doing it on the pavement”. So that’s all right then?

Don’t get me started on cats. They’re the bane of my gardening life.

My front border is walled. Except with the entrance to the parking space.

We have at least 3-4 regular visitors to the rear garden. But seem to have been spared that issue. Or at least the mature beds are not affected by it noticeably. :crossed_fingers: