Bags of food related rubbish dumped in Dacres Road



Every few days several bags of food related rubbish are dumped on the pavement outside our house - always Co-op bags spilling over with sandwich packets, milk cartons, Babybel peel etc. It’s always when it’s dark, and a hedge between the house and pavement prevents me from ever seeing who it is. Any idea what I can do? It’s really disgusting and unnecessary. I’ve tried reporting it as fly tipping but not sure what the council can really do and I’m so fed up with it. Maybe if the culprit is even reading this, please stop and put your rubbish in a bin!


Buy a bear trap and wait for the sound of screaming :wink:


Last year when I was working on a block of flats on Dacres road on the way home to Lower Sydenham there’s a garage on the Perry Vale end of Mayow road that had piles of food waste in bin liners outside of it almost every day.


Woolstone Road, near Perry Vale for a while had commercial looking waste dumped every other Sunday morning. The council were pretty good at clearing it up, but clearly coming from a business not paying for commercial waste connection: