Bakerloo Line 2029


Sadiq Khan has announced that the Bakerloo line will reach Lewisham in 2029. Although it is always possible that Chris Grayling will try to stop it.


Great news! I’ll start the countdown: 4407 days to go.


Has a route been chosen? Via Old Kent Road and Via Camberwell were the two options I recall.


Results Updated 8 Apr 2016

The report indicates that a route to Lewisham, via the Old Kent Road, currently has the strongest case, with the potential to support approximately 25,000 homes. The assessment also found that, by terminating at Lewisham, an extension could be delivered by 2030.

Following extensive assessment of possible routes, we are now investigating extending the line to Lewisham via Old Kent Road. A future phase beyond Lewisham will also be further considered in collaboration with stakeholders including Network Rail.


It always has been. I attended a conference on London’s infrastructure a few years ago with BoJo as keynote speaker. It was very clear that OKR was the first and only option. The other option was for show. Shame really.


Latest on the Bakerloo Line extension is that it will include a new station at New Cross Gate which will allow transfer to/from the Overground.


Thanks for sharing, @Nomis46.

The public consultation runs until 21st April, and we can take part by filling in TfL’s questionnaire (mostly questions about the locations of each the stations in their immediate area)


This is the next round of consultations and is more specific in terms of interchange stations (New Cross Gate for my interest) but also some important shafts locations which will allow greater capacity of trains per hour.

TFL has got 4 dates where they will hold exhibitions:

New Cross Gate:

The Refectory, Goldsmiths University
8 Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW, ground floor of the Richard Hoggart Building

  • Friday 3 March from 11:00 to 20:00

New Cross Learning
283-285 New Cross Road, London SE14 6AS

  • Saturday 18 March from 10:00 to 16:00


Lewisham Shopping Centre, Information point
Molesworth Street, Lewisham, London SE13 7HB

  • Thursday 23 February from 11:00 to 19:00
  • Saturday 8 April from 10:00 to 16:00


Stupid question - but where it says “Work site” that presumably means that buildings within those areas would have to be demolished during construction work? So that would mean that two of the OKR options would demolish the Tesco and Toys R Us?


Interesting that the final shaft will be in the Ladywell depot. This is good news for those of us who want to see a future southern extension rather than a eastern extension. I reckon we’ve got seven years to convince them to leave the tunnelling machines running until they reach Catford.


Yes indeed. That is quite a curve that takes in New Cross Gate, Lewisham and that shaft site in Ladywell. Given that it is more than half the way there from Lewisham to Ladywell makes this seem like a reasonable proposition. However, the alternative is that this was chosen as it is a nice big works site from which to start tunneling. If so, then the TBMs will be heading North from there. May also make sense as the point from which any further extension surfaces and joins the Hayes line - the shaft plans may give a clue.

ETA: apologies, the tunneling machines will be launched from New Cross Gate, so they could keep going South (unless the plan is to join the Hayes line at Ladywell).



IMHO its a shame it didn’t go the Camberwell route. But while that was in the initial consultation, it was pretty obvious from a couple of industry events I went to that Ministers and LS Cabinet members were only looking a OKR.


Camberwell route to Lewisham never made a huge amount of sense when they could just add a station to an existing railway line. And I think the consultation may have led to more serious consideration for this much more economical option.

If the Camberwell route was to make any sense it needed to follow the 176 route to Forest Hill rather than Lewisham or Herne Hill.


True and also Old Kent Road wins as it is part of a strategy to build 20-30,000 homes. This is what will pay for the extension so very important (Camberwell route was 10,000 max).


Did when I lived there. :wink:


Forget the NIMBY acronym. We can kickstart PIMFY - Please! In My Front Yard! :joy:


Received an email today from Lewisham Council ref Bakerloo line extension.

Further info below- and sign up to support Bakerloo line extension here

Back the Bakerloo line extension

Although plans to extend the Bakerloo line have been talked about for years, it’s not a done deal. The funding for the southern extension still has to be confirmed. We need your support – sign up today.

What extending the Bakerloo line to Lewisham will mean to you

  • Trains every two to three minutes.

  • Better connections to central London, Stratford and Canary Wharf.

  • More jobs and homes for our residents.

We also want the Bakerloo line to extend beyond Lewisham, through Ladywell, Catford and Lower Sydenham, so more residents can benefit from the tube line.

Back our campaign

Back the Bakerloo and help bring the line to Lewisham and beyond. All you need is 30 seconds – just add your name, email, postcode and press sign me up!


Signed up in a second. I can’t see how this couldn’t be a good thing, other than the short term disruption of building the thing.


It’ll certainly improve for Lewisham residents who’ll be able to get a seat on a tube in the peak, which is hard to do on the overcrowded Southeastern services. It’ll relive said Southeastern trains from having so many passengers using the mainline station and trains.

There are also some other advantages elsewhere, such as reliving the DLR and Jubilee line where passengers use those lines to get cheaper TfL Oyster fares to go to central London instead of using Southeastern and the tube. Buses along the Old Kent Road won’t have as many passengers either.

It’ll also benefit us in Forest Hill by having an interchange with the Bakerloo at New Cross Gate, which will relieve the Overground which is at its busiest between NXG and Canada Water.