Bampton Estate, the possibility of a new building next to Standlake Point



I am not giving up either))).


We came to the meeting as we feel very strongly about loss of green space, beautiful trees, woodpeckers,etc as well as the fact our area simply cannot sustain even more traffic and people. We were met by a very brusque architect and forceful bordering on rude woman from Lewisham who basically kept repeating the fact that Lewisham has 10,000 people in temporary accommodation and they have to make choices. When we mentioned traffic and parking affecting the neighbouring roads they kept saying it would be older people who wouldn’t have cars. On the plans they show allocated parking for the new units on Bampton road and on Ffifield Path. When we said this is just the road she quickly changed the subject. We were made to feel very uncomfortable by all the people from Lewisham, as if by rejecting more people in an already crowded area, somehow we are snobs or classist or something. Horrible experience. We did fill in forms but not sure I feel confident that they will be properly used.


I have walked along the adjoining roads to the proposed development at seversl different times. I have counted between 2 & 4 vacant slots that one could park a car in. Completely debunking the Lewisham Homes premise that additional parking is available.
As previously mentioned over 55’s do drive and own cars, their is no mention of the loss of the row of garages currently in use on the Bampton estate? Are the cars within these going to disappear or will they occupy the newly created parking spaces!
Perhaps Lewisham Homes will issue an edict thst residents of the new build will be prohibited from owning cars?

If Lewisham are so concerned about housing, what about the old Brent Knoll school site in Mayow road? Close to Sydenham near a bus stop and the park for elderly people to enjoy.
Also in the comments they say units for sale yet to be confirmed? Surely selling homes goes against housing those in genuine need? With 10,000 in temporary accomodation selling homes is the last thing that should be under consideration?
Perhaps the question should be would the architect and the councillors like to live on the estate or better still is there green space near their homes that could also be used for additional homes?


If 10,000 people in Lewisham are in temp accommodation, who’s fault is that? Ours? Are we the ones that manage the borough? Who is in charge of the plans and public money? What the local government and local councillors, or who occupied those posts for years, have been doing so far that the situation reached that bad level? Why ordinary residents, who are the taxpayers, have to pay for local government mistakes and mismanagement that resulted in 10,000 people in temp.accomodation?

Can representatives of the local government comment on that please.

They were told on many occasion that there are plenty of opportunities:

  • old Brent Knoll School on Mayow road
  • freshly rejected gas works (huge site for housing blocks)
  • Milverton block (the block opposite the gas works)

Why they have to destroy our beautiful green space?

Lewisham households in temporary accomodation

I have just sent an email to 19 Lewisham Councilors including Deputy Mayor.

"Dear Lewisham Councillors,

My name is Kat (full name xxx) and I am a resident of Standlake Point block on Bampton Estate, SE23-2XB since 2001, I am also a leaseholder of the flat x,Standlake Point since 2007.
I am very sorry to trouble you all but we are looking for help in our local community matter.
Lewisham Homes are currently planning to build additional housing on our Estate (location: Bampton Estate, Windrush Lane, Forest Hill, SE23-2XB)

The Lewisham Homes project team held meetings with Bampton residents twice – one in the summer when residents attended expressed their strong disagreement with building plans on our estate, and another one on 14th of December 2017 where residents attended felt they were not heard despite strong objection to the building plans. It feels that the building plans will go ahead despite a very strong protest and resistance from the majority of the blocks residents - residents from over 100 households out of 120 from all three blocks signed the objection petition, and residents of neighbouring houses and streets, who also signed the objection petition – please see attached. We have also asked for help our three local councillors - John Paschoud, Alan Till and Susan Wise, local MP Ellie Reeves, whom we submitted our objection petition to and Department for Communities and Local Government, but it seems nothing stops Lewisham Homes. The green space of our estate with the ballcourt is a very valuable community asset, it is used by the residents and children of the blocks, neighbouring houses and streets, children from the neighbouring school.
Lewisham Homes force its building plans disrespecting and disregarding the opinion of the Bampton residents.
It says in their last project document that:
“After the first consultation event we have taken on board your feedbacks”

Our feedback was a very strong objection to the building plans on our estate that was confirmed in the objection petition, signed by the estate residents and residents of neighbouring houses and streets, and submitted to Lewisham Homes (please see attached). Our feedback was that we object to any building on our estate. We want our green space, our ball court, our trees, our grass, our space remained as it is now, untouched. We are not against building new housing but it should be done outside of our estate. There are a lot of options available – old Brent Knoll School site on Mayow road, old Bell Green Gas Works site that has been recently rejected for retail development, old tall block on Ardley close and Perry Hill. There are other options available outside our estate that won’t have such negative impact on people’s lives. Building on our estate is not acceptable. Please help us to stop Lewisham Homes plans to destroy our lovely community neighbourhood - a very valuable community asset that is very dear to all of us.

Please see attachments for more details.

Yours sincerely,

Gmail - (no subject).pdf (121.7 KB)


‘Officers would therefore like to progress two alternative sets of proposals for the Bampton estate: new Council development on the vacant land which could happen regardless and then also a potential wider regeneration scheme with L&Q. Officers intend to select an architect to develop the proposals for the vacant land.’ Housing Led Regeneration.pdf (133.4 KB)


Isn’t that plan off the table when they confirmed that the redevelopment is off the table and the houses on Whitney and shifford get refurbished instead?


News from Perry Vale - visits to the houses and flats on Perry Vale to let them know about the " consultation ". Not one household knew anything about the proposal and had not been contacted by LEWISHAM homes this time or back in he summer . The good news is that all so far are going to oppose the plans


We already have plans of our further actions. I will publish them in due course.