Bampton Estate, the possibility of a new building next to Standlake Point



The project itself goes against National Planning Policy Framework and Lewisham Open Space Strategy. Our estate should never be considered for builing project. We were telling LH from the beginning that our green space is a very valuable community asset. But they were ignoring us until now. So we are asking Mayor and Cabinet to stop this project and object to the project going to the next planning stage.


Hopefully the right decision will be made in a timely manner.


We will know tomorrow.


And yes, screw the people…


Having considered an officer report and a presentation by the Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Damien Egan, the Mayor agreed that:

(4) having considered the responses to the consultation, Lewisham Homes proceed to submit planning applications to deliver 50 new Council homes at Bampton Estate;


Really sorry to hear that, Kat - you fought hard and got a lot of local support for protecting this green space.


Chris, we have one more chance during the official planning stage to come. I realised that it has all been decided and people’s opinion and lifes obviously don’t matter. And screw the national planning policy and lewisham open space strategy. I am also hoping the Conservatives to have strong pre-election compaign to kick those ********* out. Will be writing Liam, after this decision their camp will have good ground to win votes on Bampton Estate and from neighbouring houses and streets.


It may not be as easy as that. As Liam previously noted the Conservative candidate for Lewisham Mayor wants to build more affordable homes in the borough. I can only assume by more, he means more than the Labour-run council has been able to build.

Given the often noted limitation of land in Lewisham for development it might be a hard sell, even to a Tory candidate. Good luck.


What ever it takes to push the Labour out.


Scrutiny within the council (councillors of different parties) will help avoid autocratic decisions being made in future.

At a crucial time for campaigning, @Liam_Gilgar and others have an opportunity to listen to Londoners who do not want aggressive house building in our congested and strained city of 8M people.

There are plenty of people who’d like to live in this city without paying the going rate for doing so (hence the demands to build cheap, dense housing, and the demands for taxpayers to subsidise it).

There is already a party that represents this ideology.

Where is the party that represents the rest of us?


And also to highlight, I never got any communication back from local councilors John Paschoud, Alan Till and Susan Wise. Not a single email back offering support. It is just for those to keep in mind who will be voting them one day. Not helpful at all.


At the last Mayoral election there were apparently 56% of Londoners living IN this city who felt housing was among their top 3 concerns particularly around affordability and accessibility. So it is hardly surprising that the five top political parties who stood candidates shared these concerns and established manifesto pledges to address this issue. What only differs is the ambition in scale of new housing plans.

Given we are now in an election year for local authorities including Lewisham mayor and councilors now is the time for both you and Chris to lobby non-Labour candidates. If you are truly interested in getting political support, these type of issues might be of interest to a candidate looking to differentiate themselves, particularly councilor candidates in Perry Vale Ward.


I’ve communicated often with John Paschoud and always find him responsive so I am surprised. I tend to only email him though partly as he is based almost across the road.

Can I offer some practical advice though? I see from this email that the Perry Vale Councillors were included on the cc line. To ensure a better response from anyone, it is best to put them in the to line. Recipients in the cc line will often determine that they were copied only for information and that no response is required. The other truth is if, like me, you received piles of emails with your address in the cc line only, they go unread.

So to illicit a response from those you want one from, put them in the to line.

The other bit of advice is to limit the number of people you address the email to in the to line. For instance you’ve got 17+ people listed in this one email. For the recipient it begins to feel a bit like spam and again it may not get the attention it rightly reserved.

So if you really want to get a response from one or a few people like the Perry Vale Ward Councillors, send them each a separate email. It will only take you an extra minute and vastly increases your chances of a reply.

Sorry if this feels a bit preachy. But I’ve often found these couple of tricks get me more attention and higher response rates when I contact both public and private officials. As a public official myself, I know it works on me.


Me too. The first letter i sent was addressed directly to the local councilors. They obviously read them but/and choose not to respond.


FOI request

Dear Lewisham Borough Council,

Please provide details on the decision made by Mayor of Lewisham on 28/02/2018 for the building project on Bampton Estate SE23-2XB to proceed to the official planning stage, what are the grounds for the decision?

Yours faithfully,


Other than the information supplied in the decision notice, what other information are you hoping for them to provide at this stage?

It is just to allow the proper planning application process to begin, which is surely the most important stage to being heard or getting your point across.

At this point they have just said a development of the suggested nature is plausible.


The building plan goes against National Planning Policy Framework and Lewisham Open Space Strategy. I want to know what exactly allows them to go ahead.


If I may be so bold …

This is what @kat.standlake.point asked for:

Please provide details on the decision made by Mayor of Lewisham on 28/02/2018 for the building project on Bampton Estate SE23-2XB to proceed to the official planning stage, what are the grounds for the decision?

It may help by specifying what details you are requesting

So if you are inclined, modify your request by adding this statement:

“It is deemed reasonable that by details I seek copies of all papers prepared in support of this decision: copies of correspondence within the authority and its elected members; copies of correspondence with any arms-length bodies; copies of correspondence with any third parties; records of telephone conversations and/or telephone conferences with any party; reports prepared by officers of the authority.”

Trust me - it means you can respond quickly to any blanket refusal the authority may give on the matter by virtue of it being too difficult or costly.

Good luck


Thank you, i will!


I would expect if that is the case, then it won’t last very long when it reaches official planning.

Not sure what considerations are made in the first phase, maybe @Michael might know more about this.


The decision by the Mayor was based on the consultation outcomes - which to be clear did not include local residents whose properties border the redline boundary of the development.

The back of my garden will no longer face green space and a playground, rather a 5 story residential bock. dwarfing our 3 story home (seperated into flats).

I am not sure how a Mayor can forward proposals on the basis of a consultation that does not include those who will be most affected and I would hope a FOI request would cover an overview of the reccomendations approved.