Bampton Estate, the possibility of a new building next to Standlake Point



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I am not sure how Mayor ignored the objection from the majority of estate residents, and also our neighbours. Our petition collected 180 signatures, that is 180 households plus we have more support from Perry Vale residents who knew nothing about it. And after all our constant objection, i emailed the Mayor just before the meeting pointing at the Lewisham Open Space Strategy and National planning policy framework work, that the building plans go against them and still the green light given to go ahead to planning stage. Not sure what the decision was all about.


Emailed today to the Department for Communities and Local Government:

Good morning,

Dear Karen, my name is Kat. I believe you kindly replied to my email in the past regarding building plans on Bampton Estate SE23-2XB. I also copied you into my last communication to Lewisham Mayor and Cabinet. The decision of Mayor has been made for the building project to proceed to the official planning stage despite disagreement of residents and neighbours and communications to local councillors, councillors, local MP.

Please see below:

(4) having considered the responses to the consultation, Lewisham Homes

proceed to submit planning applications to deliver 50 new Council homes at

Bampton Estate;

I have been also reviewing the National Planning Policy Framework and Lewisham Open Space Strategy and the mayor’s decision goes against both of them. Can the Mayor’s decision be investigated? It feels that the project on our estate has been decided all along and decisions are ‘fixed’, the opinion of residents and neighbours did never matter. We have three potential sites in our areas suitable for the developement - old Brent Knoll School on Mayow Road can be redeveloped, it is not in use now; old gas works site in Bell Green has been recently rejected for retail development, large hardly used carpark by Forest Hill station.

Can you please help us to save our green space and ball court as it is a very valuable amenity and community asset.

Yours sincerely,
Standlake Point


The planning application has been submitted to the Council planning, I got a letter today. We have till 16/04 to submit objections to planning.

The demolition of seven (7) existing garages, one (1) dwelling house and a ball court at Bampton Estate, Bampton Road SE23, to allow for the construction of one (1) part four/part five storey building to provide fifty (50) over 60s dwelling units and associated ancillary uses, together with the provision of associated landscaping, refuse storage, cycle parking, car parking and the extension of Windrush Lane onto Bampton Road.


Measuring the distance between the windows in the new block and living rooms on Fifield Path, it looks just about an appropriate distance to be allowed. The walkways will overlook the living rooms on Fifield Path, but that may well be acceptable in planning policy.

The loss of daylight in some of the existing homes in Standlake Point and Fifield Path look completely unreasonable with 30-40% loss of daylight from some living rooms with low levels of daylight to start with, and some falling below the 25% figure of daylight expected in living rooms.

The new block will contain 65% rooms that receive adequate daylight. The report says this is a high level of compliance, but to me it is also a high level of non-compliance due to over-development of the site.

Still lots more research to do.

  • I also noticed, the new developement - there is hardly any space for access of fire engines (i believe 5 fire engines must attend if risk of fire in a block of flats), ambulances, rescue teams - no access to the centre of the developement, and particularly the block opposite the electric station - no access from the front and back for any rescue/ safety equipment, people in the event of fire.

  • Extention of Windrush lane, although oneway but still- rat running to avoid trafgic at the roundabout, cars’ pollution. Cycling lane - risk of collision with children, our estate is mainly family orientated, cars, cyclists - children can run out without cautions.

  • 45 per cent green space, as amenity, loss without replacement (i believe National Planning policy framework suggest that the replacement has to be like for like?), we are not getting lost space back somewhere else.

  • ball court opposite Newbridge and other houses, balls thrown in the windows /gardens guaranteed.

I have Friday and Monday off, i will sit down and look through it properly, will forward my findings.



Making my way through the 53 documents and I also think it’s no coincidence that this has been released over a Bank holiday weekend .

A few upfront observations -

The light loss in the flats/ houses is terrible and I how this is presented as reasonable I can’t imagine


The fact that they did over the bankholiday weekend, again as last year - leaseholders were issued with a notice of major works estimate 25,000£ over xmas holidays, people were shocked and could hardly respond, it just shows it is a pattern that is deliberately done and calculated hoping for less people to respond.


Morning everyone! Please help us to save our open green space and our current ballcourt by submitting your objection based on material considerations to the council planning. Your support is very very much appreciated.
Deadline - 16/04/2018

From Open Spaces Society wesite:

What are material considerations?
A material consideration is a matter that should be taken into account in deciding a planning application or on an appeal against a planning decision.

Material considerations can include (but are not limited to):

Overlooking/loss of privacy
Loss of light or overshadowing
Highway safety
Effect on listed building and conservation area
Layout and density of building
Design, appearance and materials
Government policy
Disabled persons’ access
Proposals in the Development Plan
Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
Nature conservation
However, issues such as loss of view, or negative effect on the value of properties are not material considerations.

Also planning policies (national one and Lewisham itself)


These agencies are working on behalf the public sector and it’s a scandal .

I also noticed that the planning document appears like this on the LEWISHAM website
It would be very easy if over look - doesn’t even MENTION the construction of 5 story building .

I’m contacting the planning office today .

Interestingly , although Im set up for planning alerts on the planning portal , nothing has appeared in my in box .

Has anyone else had a notification ?


I am registered on the council planning portal - never get any notifications. I got a letter from LH yesterday ‘as a side that has interest in’ , that how i found out. I wonder if all residents and neighbours got letters too, it is suppose to be a public consultation?

There is another side to it - bias. The council finds a site, drafts the project, grants itself the permission to go ahead and will be deciding itself to approve the planning, completely ignoring the people objections. How is that fair and unbias approach in decision making??


Very useful information on how to object. (i cannot copy all info from that site because the explanations are very thorough and it is too much info to transfer)


We haven’t received a letter yet . Not a Planning notification . I’ve let the planning office know and will chase the response on Tuesday .



We will be distributing flyers to Bampton residents and neibouring houses and streets over the coming week inviting to object. This is our last chance to save our space and ballcourt. Every voice is important!


Please object to the building project using the guidelines from the website:

Please object to
Ref. DC/18/106504 Bampton Estate, SE23-2XB

Or write to:
Planning Services, 3rd floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford road, SE6-4RU

Deadline is 16/04/2018


We got a letter yesterday informing us that Lewisham Homes have applied to demolish eight garages and build fourteen flats and three houses on Knapdale Close on the Forest Estate. I wonder if this is part of the same programme? We back on to Knapdale Close and had raised concerns about light and over looking as the flats will almost be right up against our boundary fence.


Hi - if you read on further it mentions the construction later on .


Dear resident,
As you may probably be aware, Lewisham Homes, on behalf of the Lewisham Council, is planning to build houses on the open green space between Standlake Point, SE23-2XB, and Fifield Path, removing the ball court, the single standing house and garages. A lot of residents and neighbours disagreed with the building plans and objected, but they were not heard/supported by Lewisham Homes, local councillors, Lewisham Councillors, the Cabinet, the Deputy Mayor, the Mayor of Lewisham. The decision has been made to forward the project to Lewisham planning department for consideration and consequently approval. We have our last chance to save our green space and the current ball court by forwarding our objections to the planning department. The objections have to be based on material considerations. The deadline is before 16/04/2018!

The case reference DC/18/106504

The project:
DC/18/106504 | The demolition of seven (7) existing garages, one (1) dwelling house and a ball court at Bampton Estate, Bampton Road SE23, to allow for the construction of one (1) part four/part five storey building to provide fifty (50) over 60s dwelling units and associated ancillary uses, together with the provision of the relocated ball court, associated landscaping, refuse storage, cycle parking, car parking and the extension of Windrush Lane onto Bampton Road. | BAMPTON ESTATE, BAMPTON ROAD, LONDON SE23 2AX. (The project submitted to planning has 54 documents (some of them have multiple pages) to be looked at).

If you disagree with the building plans on Bampton Estate, if your flat or house is affected, please object to Lewisham planning department: via email to or by post to Planning Services, 3rd floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, SE6-4RU quoting the reference DC/18/106504 and location.

Do you feel that the new buildings will have/create:

  • negative visual impact
  • negative effect on the character of our neighbourhood
  • negative effect on the residential amenity of neighbours
  • create/increase noise or disturbance
  • overlooking
  • loss of light/overshadowing
  • loss of privacy
  • loss of view as a part of the residential amenity
  • loss of space
  • loss of amenity
  • loss of parking
  • loss of trees, negative effect on nature, eco-environment
  • overbuilding/ overdevelopment/ increasing housing density in our neighbourhood
  • are the new buildings over-bearing, out-of-scale, out of character?
  • Windrush lane becomes a cut-through road with an added cycle lane– do you feel it is safe? Do you feel it is safe for children? Can such road extension cause rat-running, increase pollution, increase traffic and consequently noise? Can the extended road, the cycle lane be a hazard for residents, children?
  • do you feel that the project does not comply with local and national planning policies? What points in the policies it does not comply with?
  • with the new buildings, do you feel there will not be enough room for fire engines, ambulances, rescue teams in case of any emergencies?

Please object if you feel that the new buildings will have negative effects on our neighbourhood.
Every voice is very important! Tell your neighbour, tell your family, tell your friends! Ask for support!



Posters (Perry Vale neighbours joined forces) will be coming out next week.

And we started flyers (post above) . Hopefully we can cover our neighbourhood and neighbouring houses and streets till the end of the week.