Bank card found

Good morning all.
I found a Santander debit card on stanstead road this morning.
If you believe this belongs to you, get back to me with your name as printed on the card and we can arrange for it to be returned to you!
If I don’t get any replies before Wednesday, I will take the bank card to a branch of Santander.

More locations

Map of nearest santander branch

Santander branch locator

Not entirely sure why you’ve posted that paricular map. There are branches in Brixton, Peckham and Lewisham.

@klairlouise Don’t go out of your way to go to a branch. They’ll just cancel the card. If you haven’t heard anything from the cardholder, just call the number on the card and they’ll ve ancel it so you can just destroy.

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Just trying to be helpful,the map is generated when you put in the link to Santander branch locator

Ah… gotcha! Just felt bizarre that their chosen image is so near but yet so far in terms of branches! I wonder if it puts any potential customers off thinking that there’s none near them.

With the closure of Forest Hill & Sydenham branches there are none near them !

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Thank you both for your advice. There is a number on the back of the card so I’ll use that if nobody comes forward

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Many years ago when I worked at a tourist attraction, someone had left behind their purse with bank card. I called up the bank, let them know the situation and asked if they could call the account holder and let them know where they could come to find their purse. Bank called home, daughter picked up, daughter called mum’s mobile and they arrived back to collect in half hour. Maybe try the same, will help them not having to go through rigmarole of getting new card issued.

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