Banks closing in Forest Hill

Why are forest hill closing the both banks Barclays n santander is this not fair

I didn’t realise Barclays was closing too…

I sympathise with anyone who relies on counter services.

However, banks are closing branches all over the country. My parents in Essex now have no branches of any banks in their town too.

Which services do you need to use that cannot be done online?

Cheques are being phased out.

In fact over the next couple of decades, physical cash will start being phased out too. A coffee shop in Brockley stopped accepting physical cash last year (which has improved safety for their staff and avoids the burden of cash handling) - I think others may follow.

To be fair, the only time I ever go into a branch these days is to lodge coins that I have collected over time. When we moved to FH, I had a LARGE amount of coins that I had just put in boxes over the years so I bought a coin counter from Amazon and bagged them all up and took them to barclays in FH over a period of a few weeks. Now I hardly use cash at all… most everything is card or contactless… I do though now have a smaller stash of coins which is much easier to keep on top of.

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This is the first I’ve heard the Barclays is closing.

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Barclays closing at the end of June.

Sad to see, but thankfully neither are my bank.

I still go in branch about once a month, found it difficult to pay cash in online recently, so prefer to hand it over the counter.
A lot of small businesses still rely on being able to pay cash into a local branch. While cash is no longer king, it is still very relevant at this time.

Hopefully it doesn’t affect any of our local independents.

Sadly it is true. This bank will close the day after the closure of Santander (29th June 2018)

I shall be closing my account.
Not sure how I will pay-in the rare cheques that I get - I guess I’ll have to post them to my bank.

That’s two prominent town centre buildings becoming unoccupied which is a real shame. Any ideas whether there are any tenants lined up? The Barclays building could be a great spot for a new restaurant in a similar way to Mama Dough in Honor Oak (we don’t need another pizza restaurant but i mean in terms of style/location).

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Hope whatever takes over the spots doesn’t deal in cash, they will have nowhere to bank it, which would be a little ironic.


I suspect Barclays will become an estate agent, just like the launderette.


So they’re closing Forest Hill, yet Dulwich will continue to have two branches, one in Lordship Lane and the other in Dulwich Village, which doesn’t even have an ATM.

Peckham also has two, while FH will be left with the Post Office for basic banking.

Which might mean Barclays advise on nearby alternatives for cash may be wrong.


Does that tell us something I wonder, or is it just based on the number of customers using each branch, and the climate we are in. Maybe FH really just doesn’t do over counter banking anymore.

Oh an estate agents, yay, that would be good lol. Or maybe the Domino’s that FH so badly needs!


Apparently there is only small percentages of people visiting Santander during certain times. I’m disappointed, but now mostly use the atm for everything now anyway. Can’t say either myself or OH are too keen to do on-line banking. He will be disappointed that Barclays is closing as he was going to transfer there after Santander closed :grimacing:
As for using cards all the time, you have to keep up with every small transaction coming out of the account, & I think the older generation wouldn’t always cope with card only, especially if they are on a small budget. Some independent shops still only take cash as well.

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I have to agree, there is still some life left in the banks, for now.
If there were not the need for them, they would be disappearing a lot quicker.

Given the confined space and awkward access of FH Post Office, it being the last counter service financial place is not great.

Wonder why Forest Hill (not forgetting Crofton Park)is losing its banks, as opposed to other local areas.

Maybe customers who need them are just visiting the bigger branches? Who knows :wink:

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Good point, I am almost certain it would be due to reduced foot fall over other areas. Guess it goes to show the difference in demographics between the local areas.

I went into the Barclays today with my daughter & it is very modern with staff on hand to help. Same really as in the bigger Santanders. So after thinking about it, that’s probably why.

Do Barclays not have an mobile app so you can scan in your cheques that way - I don’y bank with them so might be making this up but I thought they did.

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