Beautician recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good beautician/waxer? The Hue on David’s Road closed, I’ve tried one in Sydenham and one in Catford and am a bit unconvinced by both of them!

I used a great lady for threading if that’s helpful?

Hecktik hair and beauty on perryvale are great!


The last couple of times I tried getting an appointment there I kept hitting times when the beautician was on holiday! I’ll definitely give them another try though, hopefully with better timing :grin:

I’d recommend Mindbody therapy

Therapy Lounge, 65 Dartmouth Road. They’re great. I’ve had problems with rashes after leg waxing in lots of other places, not here.

Love Le I would 100% recommend though waxing only on certain days

I have a wonderful beautician that comes to your house - after work. She does massage, threading, waxing and has just completed an herbal therapy course . Please PM me for her details.