Beauty products offered

My partner’s New Years resolution is to only use completely plant based beauty products, and as a result is getting rid of 100s of £ worth of products. It seems a shame to thrown them away. Do you know anyone that would appreciate them? I can’t list them all, but there’s a mixture of part used / nearly new from brands like Kiehls l’occitane and Davine’s. Collection from Duncombe Hill SE23.

I’m hoping someone will take the lot and pass on / responsibly recycle anything they don’t want.


I’d happily take them off your hands and give a small donation to charity - of your choice. Let me know. Can pick up whenever suits as not working, Alisa

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That’s great. Today after 4:15 would be good. And we would love to see a donation to an Australian animal rescue charity. I’ll message you the address.

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