Beer and Cheese Pairing with Partizan Brewery and Neals Yard Dairy



Test your knowledge and tastebuds with a night of beer and cheese brought to you by Clapton Craft Forest Hill, Partizan Brewery and Neals Yard Dairy in support of #Tryanuary 2018, an opportunity to explore (or should I say ‘try’) the great variety of flavor and aroma that can be produced from the combination of simple ingredients.

Included with the exclusive ticket is six great sample beers, some of which are draft only specials and six great cheeses paired by the brewers at Partizan themselves who will be in-store on the night to guide you through the event.

In addition, your ticket will get you 10% off any Partizan beer pouring on the night from any one of our four Growler-fill taps - that’s 1.89L (or 3.5 pints) to takeaway and enjoy at home.

Thursday, January 25th 2018. 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Clapton Craft, 10 Perry Vale, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2LD (Google map)

Are £5 + Eventbrite booking fee (98p) and can be purchased online by following the link here:

For more information please contact me directly by email, with the subject line ‘Tryanuary’ and follow us on Twitter @ClaptonCraftSE for updates on the event and what’s happening in-store day-to-day.

Have a nice weekend.


Clapton Craft - Forest Hill


I did a beer and wine event with Neal’s Yard about two years ago. It was amazing. Who knew beer went better with cheese than wine! I’d go in a heart beat but already got something on that night.

I hope you have more!


I have something on too :weary:

Will hope that you have more events like this!


The range of beer and food pairings is incredibly extensive nowadays. We’ve come a long way from pairing dishes with lager: Curry - lager, Thai - lager, Chinese - lager etc.

Partizan’s owner Andy Smith comes from a background in fine dining - working the kitchen of a Michelin-star restaurant I believe? - and would explain some of the weird and wonderful flavour combinations that go into the saison’s Partizan’s best known for and I believe with this experience and knowledge the pairings should be a hit!

With that said it’d be nice to collaborate with other breweries and small London producers in the near future so fingers crossed all goes well because I’ve got a couple ideas already.

Clapton Craft (Ben)


I want to say a quick thank you to all those who’ve already bought tickets and shown an interest in the event. The response has been fantastic and I can’t wait for Thursday!

We now have only 2 tickets left to our beer and cheese pairing in support of #Tryanuary so for those who’ve been interested, now’s the time to grab them.

Thank you again,

Clapton Craft Forest Hill (Ben)


Not to worry applespider. The interest in Thursdays beer and cheese pairing has been incredibly positive and the request for more like it has been very encouraging.


I’ve got to work that evening otherwise I’d definitely be up for this, so here’s another vote for more events please!


I want to open this up to the residents of Forest Hill before I put out a Tweet, but we’ve had 2 tickets become available over night due to a change in the original buyers work commitments so for those that might of missed out yesterday, now’s your second chance to bag’em.

Have a nice Sunday (despite the very odd weather),

Clapton Craft Forest Hill (Ben)


Hi Ben, if the two tickets are still available would I be able to get them?


Hi Ametzelaar, they sure are. If you follow the link to Eventbrite in the description above then that’ll take you through to our events page. Let me know if you have any troubles.




I can’t make this one but if you do it again I’ll be there!


Hi all,

Thanks to the support of the SE23.Life forum and everyone who came to Thursday nights beer and cheese pairing in support of Tryanuary with Partizan Brewery, the event was a great success! Though there were a couple hiccups through the day, everyone was incredibly patient and supportive so I cant thank them enough. We ended the night on an incredible high and can’t wait to share more moments and events like these with you all.

If anyone has a suggestion for future events then I’ll (Ben) be reading comments made on the forums’ Craft Beer thread and discussing them to breweries we have a close relationship with.

Thank you again and have a nice Sunday,

Clapton Craft Forest Hill (Ben)

P.s. I’d also like to thank @StDavid and @PiazzaCucina for their support, cheers guys!


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