Beetroot&Beans deliver to your door 😊

Hello lovely people of :blush: Just to give you a shout that your local greengrocer and zero waste shop Beetroot&Beans on Dartmouth Road is offering home deliveries on : Tuesday Wednesday and Friday. You can send us your wish list and we do our best to provide everything from it . We deliver fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, sourdough bread ( from Agas little Deli Aga’s Little Deli and Cafe) , oat milk.
Dry goods : pasta , rice , beans, chickpeas
Tins : tomatoes, beans , coconut milk/ cream
Oat cakes , chocolate bars
Coffee - beans/ground
Also we are open on Saturdays 11am-2:30pm so you can shop on the door and come and refill your bottles/ jars :blush: Below are some examples what we have in stock and some of our boxes what we have already done . Beetroot&Beans


Do you have any Alphonso mangoes? We have been looking in vain in local SE grocery shops as our normal annual source in Maida Vale is not an option…

Hi we don’t have it at the moment but I will check with our supplier if we can order them for you :blush:

That would be amazing! If your stockist can get any we would order a quantity so we can eat some fresh and freeze the pulp. Adore Alphonsos!

A big shout out to Beetroot & Beans and Aga’s Little Deli. This morning, I got a big box of beautiful bountiful vegetables with treats like cheese, charcuterie and bread. And best of all… new season English asparagus. That’ll be getting the BBQ treatment tomorrow!

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Is Aga’s doing delivery as well or do you get it all via Beetroot and Beans? I’ve had great veg from them.

Hi. They are both doing delivery together. In case you weren’t aware, Aga’s part owns Beetroot & Beans. For my delivery I just ordered through Aga’s listing items I’d wanted from both shops.

Thank you! I do remember now you mention it, that they are connected but I had forgotten! I’ve had some great veg deliveries but some cheese would be nice too!

Hi thank you for your interest :slight_smile:
You can order fruits &vegetables from us and we will get cheese from Aga’s or the other way round: order cheese from Aga’s and she will get vegetables from us …
Beetroot&Beans is open now 10am-3pm Tuesday to Friday and 11am-3pm Saturday


Could you let me know how I can place an order please? I can’t find contact details online.
Thank you :smiley:

You can message or WhatsApp me on 07943504181

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