Berries - closed?



Does anyone know if Berries has closed down, or for a refit?


Berries originally was “Berries”, then it changed hands & became “No 5”.

The owner of “No 5” (who is lovely) came & told me there were problems with the electrics when it first closed & I suggested they speak to their landlord (who I don’t know) to discuss how they move forward etc - They then came back to tell me the landlord was great & after meeting he would sort out the electrics problem.

At a later date they told me a family member would be re-opening it soon, but that was a while back & I haven’t seen them since - Though I do know a very close immediate family member was really ill and they were looking after them. I really hope all is okay with that & it’s very understandable for them to put this before the shop re-opening.

I will let all know if I get any info about it re-opening.


Thanks @Pauline - I hadn’t realised the name change! I hope the owners’ family are ok.


What’s No. 5?


Likewise, I will let you know if I find out about re-opening.

I may send an email to ask but not too sure it’s appropriate under the circumstances at the moment, will think on it.


The crepe place at the start of D Rd x