Bespoke Cake Company In Forest hill...Introducing ourselves!

Hello everybody!

We are :cake: Panari Cakes Ltd :cake:

We are a local cake company and wanted to introduce ourselves to the forest hill community…

Hidden amongst the Forest hill industrial estate on Malham road, you can find our lovely bakery.We have been here a while and most of the crew live locally, with myself having lived in Forest hill/Sydenham my entire life!
Little did I know, until I joined the team a year or so ago, that this wonder existed, all this time right under my nose…and tastebuds! So it got me thinking, if I didn’t know of its existence, I wonder how many other locals do not…
When I explain to my friends and family what I do for a living…I compare it to working in the cake version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The Umpa Lumpa’s would be me (Stephanie), Sara, Ana, Ben and Obinna- each doing something to create these spectacular cakes that leave our wonderland to spread joy and yumminess to others!
I guess Rayo, would be Willy Wonka himself- a fellow local lady, having lived in Forest hill for many years until a short time ago.She created this business from scratch, starting in her kitchen,aquiring more friends and fans until eventually we all ended up here!

We create everything from wonderful wedding cakes,children’s cakes, adult cakes, corporate and bespoke cakes- right up to posh cars and handbag cakes! We create masterpieces for weddings such as our huge range of African wedding cakes and we have even recreated the Royal William and Kate wedding cake.
We specialise in bespoke cake design…With our award winning team there is literally not a thing that cannot be made into cake- I would challenge you to find one! So if its a helicopter made out of cake with a spinning propeller or 3 foot dinosaur cake… we are your go to team!

Each and every cake we bake and decorate is to order-customers are welcome to enquire via our website or indeed on here.
We are based on unit 20 Malham road Industrial estate and walk in consultations are welcome mon- fri 9am-5pm.

We are so confident in the taste of our product that we do not charge for tasting sessions! We live, love and laugh cake (you should check out some of our more comical designs). There’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing a slice of happiness with others…whether its vanilla,strawberry,carrot or chocolate!

We donate to good causes too! We believe whole heartedly in helping where we can. Whether it be a cake for mothers day for a local hospice or a cake to auction off for a local fundraiser…we are there to share!
Speaking of which, we really want to expand our involvement in the local community and have been reaching out to charities and organisations locally, that we can contribute to by donating cakes…Another thing which led me to here. So if there is any other small business’ on here that do the same - We’d love to join forces!

It would be great to meet with some of the other local business’ to get properly acquainted- feel free to message us if you would like us to join in with any of your events…We could even be swayed to bring some tasty treats!

Well…I better get back to the cakes…Have a great day…

Stephanie and the Panari team