Best breakfast in Forest Hill?

I have to skip breakfast tomorrow to get blood tests done so will be treating myself to a slap up breakfast after. I normally go to the Archie Parker for eggs benedict. If you could have breakfast anywhere in FH, where would you go and what would you order?

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I love bubble and squeak with bacon at canvas and cream. Or not quite se23, the vegetarian full English at norris & knight on forest hill rd is delicious


Go ask for my recent special (not on the menu) Crispy back bacon, avocado & tomatoe (salt on toms} absolutely delicious & add Stilton YUM!

Or Chicken, red onion & toms with salt (again not on the menu but sure they will deliver) on any bread is just delicious :slight_smile:

Edit from @TheArchieParker

Or Aga’s Cheese toastie is always a winner :slight_smile:

Another Edit: Fab bacon sarnies from @StDavid :slight_smile:

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I have visions of hoards of users strolling into the @TheArchieParker and saying Pauline says to order whatever they like, regardless of the menu! :open_mouth:


@No41Coffee have a new menu and I’m enjoying their fry up:

Some interesting sounding Turkish options available too.

Time for a video review, @Adz?


That looks like a great plate to me, I’d say we have to visit @wineisallforme


@Adz I’m in

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Am afraid I do not agree re Canvas & Cream. YMMV.

Norris & Knight, however, most definitely agreed (full carnivore English in my case). It is a rare instance of a cafe serving a breakfast as good as I could make it at home and I know of nowhere else in the local area that does that. And the garden, if you are lucky enough to get a seat out there, is amazing.


Although it’s actually in Kirkdale the Jasmine Cafe gets my vote as a proper greasy spoon.

Aussie Eggs & black coffee at the Brown & Green cafe in Mayow Park (does that count as Forest Hill?)


St Davids for a Bacon sandwich

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A belated vote for the incredible spam muffin at St Davids! OMG.

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Big Breakfast should be on here regardless of just being a greasy spoon. Good service, good food at a good price. Glad we have one like that alongside places like Canvas and such, especially for a little treat for just a fiver.

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I agree. We were down in FH last weekend herding kids. Went to the BB at 8.15am on Sunday. Despite only opening at 9am we were welcomed in and they cooked us breakfast. Really good customer services and care.

Since Aroma changed hands it’s gone downhill. Absolutely gutted.

Sausages now sub par, which for me is the nail in the coffin for any cafe. Can’t be having that.

I moved to Forest Hill a year ago and whenever someone came to visit from out of town I took them straight to Aroma. Not anymore.

Another hands up for the Big Breakfast… Always such a friendly welcome, tasty (if not posh) food and great prices!

Has anyone tried the one on Honor Oak Park High Street?

Yep, decent enough fry. Nothing spectacular but cheap and cheerful.

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The destruction of a forest hill institution begins. Always said that what Aroma was missing was double glazing and a new door

I noticed it was closed this morning. Is this a permanent thing?