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Okay, so where does everyone go for fish and chips locally?

Where does a proper golden chip, not something anemic and flabby?

Who does the best battered sausage, peppery and tender, not gristly?

I had the best fish and chip ever in my entire life in Bells in Durham. Bit far to go though, so if there’s anything comparable in our neighbourhood, I’d love to know.

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Sea Cow in Lordship Lane was amazing but closed a couple of years ago because the landlord doubled their rent :frowning:

So Brockley’s Rock gets my vote. Crispy chips and decent portions of sustainably-caught fish, always served straight out of the fryer.

Deservedly popular, although you may be waiting a while to be served (15 mins turned into 30 mins last night).


Agreed - we had some today from Brockley’s Rock (I normally phone ahead and bring it home though). Normally always 10 mins max for food, however this is at kids eating time circa 5pm. Fish is always great here.


Harbour 321 Sydenham


We’ve been there. Good chips but I find their fish a bit soggy.

We are regularly at the Supreme Fish Bar also in Sydenham (near the Dolphin). Their fish is fab but chips not good. At one point I was walking the length of Sydenham Road to get chips from Harbour 321 and fish from the Supreme. Madness!


Sabah (spelling?) at the bottom end of Perry Vale near the old fire station has spoiled us. We find the fish is always so good and huge that when we eat fish anywhere else it just doesn’t compare. Chip portions are extreme too and so always have small (or large to share) and still too many. Owner been there for a long time and very friendly now


Supreme Fish Bar Sydenham, really nice Haddock and generous chips, always busy. Tried the others and gone back to them.


Another vote for Brockley’s Rock - great fish, they do battered haloumi, well seasoned mushy peas, excellent curry sauce and always a healthy stock of saveloy.

Wilson’s on Brockley Rise is a bit more downmarket but the portions are immense. Last fish I had there was enormous.


Lots of great recommendations. What I really need to know is: what are the chips like? That’s what makes or breaks a chippy for me.

What we need here is photos!


Searching my pics now.
Here is the fish, mmmm. Taken a week ago or so.

Will find chips lol


Very interesting…I’d given up on good quality fish and chips here, mainly because my home town of South Shields has the best fish and chips ever at - it’s worth the 600 mile round trip folks!


Look at those chips! Perfect.


Twobrothers In Lordship have the best chips around. Delivered in cardboard boxes so they don’t go soggy.


Depends how you like your chips I suppose. I may get slaughtered fo this, but whilst I love their fish I find the chips from Brockley 's Rock just run of the mill. That said I prefer them a bit crisper so I may be being unfair.


Sea Master, Forest Hill Rd for me as they do potatoes fritters just like I used to get in Glasgow as a kid - though not been there for a while - fish, chips & mussels were ace last time I visited :+1:

If you’ve never had tatty fritters (Scottish thing) before you’re missing out & I don’t know any other chip shop in London that does these!

Potato Scallops are what you’ll look for on the menu here for these :slight_smile:


But do they do Scottish-style brown sauce? I’d forgotten how good salt n sauce were on a fish supper until last time I was up there. Don’t think my local up there did tatty fritters though they did a great black or white pudding.

Still… lack of sauce and leaving the skin on the fish, does make me much less likely to be tempted by a fish supper which is probably better for me!

How’s the fish at Two Brothers? It’s the closest of those mentioned so might give it a go.


Leaving the skin on the fish is a big no-no for us too, yet seems common in London.


Love Brockley’s Rock - but they don’t do gravy. That’s a deal breaker for me. Any good gravy serving establishments nearby?


Jolly Bee opposite the station is decent. However, if I’m in the area I’ll go to Codfather in Peckham. Easily worth the round trip regardless.


Brockley rock every time lovely fat fresh crispy chips