Best local fish and chips



I’ve always wondered how well a fish bar that served great fish ‘n’ chips alongside a more varied/extended menu of shellfish would fare in Forest Hill or Sydenham highstreets. I, for one, can’t think of anything better on a chilly afternoon than a bowl of piping hot mussels and a small plate of chips. Are mussels on the menu a regular/standard feature in chippies in Scotland?


Hands down, tasty fish and chips in Sydenham. They are on Uber eats so even more convenient. Having tried two brothers, oh my cod and the jolly bee, these guys are miles ahead


Tasty Fish and Chips? Where in Sydenham are they?


Newlands Park.


I’ve never seen mussels on the menu in a Scottish chipper! There’s a chipper in Ullapool which will do you scallops or lobster, but not mussels.


We ask for the chips to be ‘well done’. Problem solved!


Another vote for Tasty Fish snd Chips - they’re in the little parade on the Sydenham side of Penge East station - consistently good .


They’ve long been recommended on the Sydenham forum. Before I dare order - do they leave the skin on? If so, OH won’t have it in the house.


the one in kirkdale is good. used to be called the mermaid maybe? Better than Brothers overall, fish better than Jolly Bee, but of what I’ve tried Jolly Bee has the best chips in SE23.

It is one of those foods that is incredibly personal and everyone has their own preferences. I’ve been to the UK’s best chip shop in Anstruther, I thought it was only ok!


Agreed on Kirkdale which I think is now called exactly that. Always v pleasant and stuff cooked to demand. Even chips at 9.57pm to deal with tipsy cravings :wink:
Didn’t like the quality of previous owners.


Wilsons in Honor Oak



The Tasty Fish bar near Penge East is skins-on - personally I like that but not everyone does . They are a great chippy - fish always seems big and very tasty -usually straight out of the fryer when I go - and their chips have a pleasing golden hue .




Royal Fish bar opposite the Honor Oak pub was by far the best in the area, but appears to be no more.


Have no issue with skin on fish. Each to their own I guess :-). As a fan of haddock, I like that the distinctive skin makes it obvious that it really is what has been sold.

Now skin on chips - that drives me spare. Usually priced at a premium for not peeling the spuds! Thankfully not happening at any chippies I know and long may it continue.


In the name of research I had fish and chips from Kirkdale tonight. They also leave the skin on unfortunately. Well unfortunately for your husband. I thought it was v yummy (and don’t skin).