Best Sunday Lunch

I love the pubs of Forest Hill. But which has in your opinion the best Sunday lunch and why? Parentals are visiting and it must be a good 'un.

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My favourite is over in neighbouring SE4.

The Gantry in Brockley is a fantastic little restaurant with a lovely conservatory and garden. You wouldn’t know from the outside, which looks like a small bar:

Follow the stairs on the left hand side and you get here:

As for the roast, it’s amazing:


If you want something slightly fancier than a pub lunch, The Perryvale does an AMAZING Sunday lunch, as long as you have two to share the whole roast chicken.


Thanks @chrisbeach. Looks amazing though mom has some mobility issues so we try and keep it local this time.

Thanks @RachaelDunlop. We’re actually dining there tonight.

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The Dartmouth Arms does a great roast and the signal great too (kids roast a bargain for older kids).

My parents in law really liked the roast at The Hill. Not top of my list but fine and very good value. The Railway Telegraph also reasonable (but I think has recently changed hands?).

Not tried the roast at The Sylvan Post or the Perry vale (but other food at Perry Vale very good).

Further a field the Rosendale in West Dulwich is fab. The Herne good but not been so recently.

I am super fussy about pub roast dinners and ideally like rare roast beef. The husband can’t stand reheated meat and I have kids that love roast but hate gravy. Yorkshire pudding is a must have in my book. Good luck!

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@Satchers - Sunday lunch at the Sylvan Post might be right up your street. Pink roast beef, giant Yorkshire Puds and you can have it without gravy.


I’ll have to try it. I’m afraid I was put off the food in their early days by a caesar salad that had that horrid pre-ground smelly Parmesan cheese from a tub on it! But I’ve heard it’s good now.

All Inn One Perry Vale does an excellent Sunday lunch. Cooked personally by co-owner and chef Richard, beef is beautifully pink, vegetables served on the side and gravy also served on the side, the latter if requested.
Lovely atmosphere, ideal for socialising or just spending an afternoon with the papers.
Children’s play area outside.


Just had a great roast dinner at the Prince of Wales on Perry Hill, they’ve got a new chef working for them. Been a bit disappointed with most of the other places we’ve tried around so hopefully they keep doing them!


Cheers for the tip. I’m due a Sunday lunch at some point soon (probably on a Sunday…)

Can’t believe I’ll be going for my first Sunday lunch in the area after living here since December. What on earth have I been doing?!?? Thanks for having this list ready for me to consult!


@AllInnOne does a corker of a roast. I had the Lamb there and it was cooked to exactly how I like it. Great play area for the kids out the back and a good selection of ales and drinks.

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What beers do they do in there? On another topic I wondered aloud why I hadn’t been in there and keep meaning to pop in…

Last time i went in they had fubar and Brains SA plus a few others. Well kept pint!


They often have a good pint of Deuchars IPA - this is a good thing.

Hey. Recently moved to the area and looking for a good local Sunday roast. Any recommendations?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try all in one pub on Perry vale and you will always go back for more :smile:

Second All Inn One. Best roasts for miles around. Lovely owners and staff. Essential to book though.

Hi @anon22025233jsh and welcome to the area! (and to the forum)

I’ve moved your post into the existing topic for Sunday lunch recommendations.

Seeing as this is now a live topic again, has anyone had Sunday lunch at the new look Honor Oak pub yet? I’m thinking of gathering some friends to dine, but would love to hear opinions beforehand. Thanks!