Best Sunday Lunch



We had a roast at the Honor Oak this afternoon.

Atmosphere of the place has definitely improved since last year. The drink selection is better, and a lot of effort has gone in to the entertainment selection. The place was really popular today.

As for the roast, It was decent. My beef was quite chewy & Liz’s had the chicken/beef/pork trio - the pork was almost entirely fat unfortunately. Potatoes not crispy / fluffy. At £17 for the beef and £19 for the trio, it ought to have been better.

Still, the atmosphere makes up for it and we’re just about to enjoy some live jazz :slight_smile:


Thanks for the lowdown! I’ll check it out soon, but it won’t be top of the list of places to visit.


Had roast leg of Welsh lamb at All Inn One this afternoon. Vegetables served on side as standard, gravy served on side as requested.Fluffy potatoes, good Yorkshire pudding. Hot plate £14.


Not £14 for hot plate obviously!


Yes we had Sunday lunch at All In One today and it was very nice. They did gravy on the side if requested. Vegetables were nicely cooked not soggy, with tasty baby carrots. Crispy roast potatoes. The Nut Roast was good - these can be hit and miss, but in this case it was freshly made with a good texture. I thought the price of the food was fair. The staff are friendly, the children could play in the garden and there were some board games too. A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon! Oh and the best thing is being able to get the bus home so no arguing about who has to drive :smile:


Locally the All Inn One has been consistently good for the last couple of years for Sunday lunches. Going slightly further afield, the best I’ve had in SE London was last summer at The Rose (formerly the Hobgoblin) at New Cross Gate. Good portion sizes, good choices (including pizza available for kids) and everything cooked perfectly.


I ate at the Rose the other night and the food was outstanding.


My daughter was doing a shift when you were there on Sunday Chris, not cooking food but behind the bar :ok_hand:

ETA She’s very friendly & you couldn’t miss her, she’s half Chinese/half me, sure you may have met her with me before :slight_smile:


I thought it was her! :slight_smile:


Yup, she thought it was you too, but wasn’t sure :+1:


Say hello next time you see Elz, she does a few shifts weekends & evenings - she was at The Capitol before but prefers here :slight_smile:


Had to mention Sea Salt Beckenham bit outside SE23 but after a great Sunday lunch worth the trip. Bit traditional menu but proper napkins white tablecloths and silver service. Having tried several Gastro pubs locally they could learn a lot on portion size and pricing. We are regular diners and have tried most Michelin starred restaurants as well as local cafes, supper clubs and ethnic variants with a meal for two from £16:00 to £325. My view is if you leave hungry or feel you could have cooked something similar for 20% of the price then you don’t go back

Just a note a small galvanised bucket with 7 chips is not worth 3:95


Second Sea Salt - excellent restaurant, as is Lugana, also in Beckenham.


Lamb roast. Thanks @AllInnOne. Just what the doctor ordered :heart_eyes:


The London in Rye in Catford do a good Sunday lunch. Had the lamb today and it was great. The all-day brunch is also a winner.


The Hill does a fantastic huge roast at a bargain £23 for two. Unless it’s changed since we last went a few months back, it came with all, and I mean ALL, the trimmings including cauliflower cheese.


No veggies?


As I said to my mum a) they were on the side and b) I did eat them. Honest :grin:


Cauliflower cheese is such an under-used but brilliant side :heart_eyes:


Roast potatoes look good here - last couple of pub roasts I’ve had (Catford Constitutional and Earl Of Derby at The Telepgraph) the potatoes have been undercooked - a cardinal sin in any roast. When something is easy to cook right and well at home you really do need to get the basics right when mass cooking in a boozer.

Any pub that throws a bit of red cabbage, cauliflower cheese or home made stuffing into the mix gets a thumbs up from me.