Best Sunday Lunch



Good roast potatoes are not easy! They need to be served straight from the oven when ready. If kept warm the insides go smooth instead of fluffy and the crust softens. The best roasties I’ve had with a Sunday roast were at the Perryvale.


@AllInnOne definitely the best!


Agree completely.


We had a really excellent lunch at the newly reopened Greyhound in Sydenham today. They had a full menu as well as roasts (beef, pork or lamb). The food was delicious, the service prompt and attentive, and the general ambiance was really lovely. They were handing out complementary glasses of prosecco for Mother’s Day, which was a nice touch.

The rebuild isn’t quite finished yet - they are waiting for windows for the conservatory and are still fitting out the upstairs room. But the ground floor is lovely, including the restored tiles rescued from the original building. A big thumbs up, well worth the wait.


Has anyone tried The Honor Oak’s Sunday jazz lunch?


Been to the honor oak a few times for Sunday lunch. Portions are big and food is good, service can be patchy and the jazz is no longer on as far as I know :frowning:


Excellent - will add to list. As an (relevant) aside, did you notice what the beer selection was like? Thanks!


OH says selection was good, including local micro-breweries.


Lunch at Canvas and Cream in the outside courtyard area out back today - veg and beef were excellent, potatoes not quite crunchy enough for my liking, but overall a really good roast:


Definitely the All In One for us. Great roast potatoes, veg not overdone, Yorkshire pudding with every option, generous servings, and they do the only good nut roast I’ve had in recent years.


I would agree with you! :grin:


Definitely the All Inn One.


The roast season is certainly upon us again in full swing. Any more votes for best Sunday roast in the hood and surrounding area? The Greyhound in Sydenham is very good but no table available tomorrow when needed.


All in one best in forest hill you need to book


Second All Inn One


The Signal in Forest Hill gets my vote.