Best Thai Delivery

I want Thai food tonight. What is the best Thai delivery place in the 'hood?

Or if you have another Southeast Asian suggestion happy to consider.

This ‘tie delivery’ is the best I can find.


If only Deliveroo drivers were so clean cut and happy.

Any thoughts on our own local Thai Garden?

I think Salvation in Noodles has a prep kitchen in south London that delivers to parts of Forest Hill (sadly not my part) via Deliveroo. Amazing Vietnamese food with the best fish sauce wings


We have been happy with Thai Orchard. The misunderstanding with them and their definition of hot was amusing. Never ever ask a Thai to make your green papaya salad really hot :slight_smile:


Sadly not south of the tracks

Well they’re out of the equation. Minimum £20 purchase necessary for delivery plus £1.50 for delivery. I’m ordering for myself tonight, a unique opportunity as my other half who is out does not like Thai food.

Thai Garden is OK - not the best I have had but not the worse at all - £12 minimum…

Hibagon do a good Ramen if that takes your fancy but you need to order through Just Eat.

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Thanks @Foresthillnick. Had just ordered from Thai Garden.


The pad thai was a bit pedestrian lacking that sourness of the tamarind or chilli heat. I had to spruce it up with store cupboard ingredients.

On the flip side the chicken tom yum soup was packed with flavour with slices of ginger, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. Big chunks of tender juicy chicken.

7 out of 10


Just looked at their menu. I’m hungry again. I love me some ramen.

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Nice tie baby to go to go!

Changed the lyrics a little :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Remind me to never allow you and my other half to dine together, two foodies together would he just too much :slight_smile:

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Recently it feels like half of the holidays we take are determined by the restaurant we can get a reservation for.

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If you ever fancy a bowl up in the heights of Sydenham I can recommend the tonkatsu ramen - “comes with barbeque pork slices in rich 18 hour pork bone broth added with fried shallots and mayu (caramelised black garlic oil”

However somehow I find delivery doesn’t suit ramen that well - certainly ruins the presentation!


The joys of middle age…

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This is my life

I’ve always found Thai Garden quite good rather than outstanding, though it certainly beats some of the godawful Indian takeaways we have around here.

Last week we tried Thai Orchard in Forest Hill and enjoyed it much more than Catford’s Thai Garden. Far better Pad Thai with that sweet/sour flavour of the Tamarind much more prominent. The only item which let us down a bit was the Massaman curry. Wonderful flavour but too much liquid sauce… needed more bulk.