Best wine list in SE?

Please could someone recommend the restaurant with the best wine list around? And food and ambience for that matter.
Which is the best restaurant we have to impress those that are not familiar with the area/wine snobs?
Hoping for an authentic French/European local.
Thank you all :slight_smile:

I’m no wine expert but Babur (gourmet Indian on Brockley Rise, in Honor Oak) has never let us down. They do a paired menu, which was fantastic.

SE would seem to include SE1, so i would possibly recommend Oxo Tower or The Shard (haven’t been there myself - but the Big Cheeses from the Big Apple in my company seemed to like it when they came over).

Thank you but I am after somewhere more local with exquisite wine and food, doesn’t need to be flashy :slight_smile:

Was hoping there would be a good French/European restaurant or something of the sort nearby. Definitely not after the sort of place “big cheeses” from NY would like. Something authentic and nearby with a good wine list is what I’m after.

I want to impress my wine-snob friend with Forest Hill/Dulwich etc sort of areas!

Also, I had very bad stomach pains the last time I ate at the Shard!

Thank you

Best wine list locally I can think of is at Mr Lawrence. They don’t serve food though. (You can bring in food, good burgers and wings, from next door London Beer Dispensary)

You could try Toasted on Lordship Lane. Wine list is curated by owner/sommelier. The food is good but ain’t cheap. Lunch seems to be taster sized portions which never appeals to me but could impress your visitors. Coffee is good there too.

ETA: why not try Le Querce? The decor is a little quirky but I think it should tick most the other boxes. Wine list isn’t extensive but is good if happy with Sardinian.

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More of a wine bar
161 Kirkdale sydenham has some of the most interesting wines. food is good, but little choice if there are thing you don’t like. If you just want the wine they do tastings on wednesdays Can be packed at the w/e, (only a small place)

The French House in East Dulwich might be worth a look. Not been there for sometime but they had a good selection of wines and simple but good food.

I’d second Le Querce - they do some very good Sardinian wines.

Perry Vale have a good wine list, but buy it by the bottle! Can rack up the cost if bought by the glass

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Le Chardon on Lordship Lane. I really like the place but it seems quite Marmite with others really disliking it.

Hmm Le Chardon can be a bit hit and miss in my experience. Would not take anyone there I was trying to impress.

I’m with Brett on this one

Franklins Restaurant across from their farm shop. On Lordship Lane.

Thank you so much everyone. I feel spoilt for choice now!
Think I will try Le Querce on Thursday night and let you know what I think :slight_smile:


I’d second the recommendation for Franklin’s - I’ve taken some very fussy / picky people there and they’ve been impressed. It’s a gem.

Some of the others on this list are also excellent (Babur, Le Querche and especially 161 Kirkdale).

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I would second Toasted, which is a proper wine bar in the European sense, like somewhere you would find in Spain France or Italy. Its range is outstanding with a lot of stuff rarely if ever seen in the UK and I don’t think a wine snob could demand much more. The food is very good, small sharing plates though so it depends if you like that way of eating.

(Full disclosure - we bought our wedding toast wine from there: a very interesting cloudy prosecco)


I actually went to Toasted in the end. Thank you everyone; Wine Snob was impressed so I am happy. They do have an excellent range.
Food was a bit hit and miss - very good starter, was not impressed with the main and even less so with the side. But love the cute decor/ambience and would still go again.


The Signal have a good wine list, as well as beers, ciders, cocktails and food. Otherwise I would agree with 161 (Mondays they have a £11 sampling night and Sundays all wine £3 a glass) and Toasted more for wine connoisseurs