Beware: motorbike using footpath

Be careful when using the footpath between Shipman and Sunderland, there’s an idiot riding his motorbike up and down it. He was challenged by a mother who just managed to grab her two year old out of the way but seemed to think he’d done no wrong. Unbelievable :man_facepalming:


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It appears being a pedestrian in Forest Hill is becoming a very dangerous pastime,as the sergeant in Hill St Blues’ use to say- “Let’s Be Careful Out There"…


There’s a guy who drives like a nutter up that road quite often, he was working for Deliveroo during lockdown and then another delivery company I’d never heard of before. Did he have a nike bag on his back? Think it’s a KTM 125 he rides.

We have someone on upper Kirkdale who skateboards down the road in the middle of the night. Wakes me up. Must be terrifying for other road users as I assume he doesn’t carry a light. Anyone remember “where something white in the night?”

No, don’t think that’s him or the bike. Was dressed all in black with black helmet and black visor; bike more like an old school Triumph.

Now there’s a theme tune :ok_hand:t3:


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