Big Cheeks Thai


Menu looks solid enough. All the obvious classics with a few items to spice things up.
Is this new management or just a makeover?

‘Big Cheeks’ suggests buttocks to me.


A bit of both I think - there was this previous thread that mentioned a new ‘partnership’

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I’m sensing a Forest Hill theme when you also look at Lazy Peach logo down the road.

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I’ve had the opportunity to sample the owners fud a couple of times and it is delicious so I hope the home cooking translates well. (I think it will).

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We went over the weekend and everything we sampled was tasty and authentic. Great new decor too. We wish them well.


I’ve been here lots of times (and had their take away option as well). The food is consistently delicious and I’ve never had anything but great service form the lovely friendly staff. Am very much looking forward to going now that the renovations are all done and seeing what the new interior is like!


Where would you recommend?

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I never dined in but I found their delivery food fairly standard. Neither great nor bad. But that sometimes is more indicative of the delivery process. Not all restaurants are great a packaging their food and delivering it. For those who remember the Dewanium, there was a New Dewanium in Camberwell (family fued). In restaurant the best Indian I’ve had before I found Babur. Delivery food? Terrible.

So I hope with a new menu and outlook they also take a close look at how they handle the delivery market. If they can’t… then I hope they don’t bother. Looking forward though to my first try.

Good luck to them! Found the food in there before to be fine but the decor was very tired and the service so-so- fingers crossed this is an upgrade!

We have tried both the previous incarnation and big cheeks as delivery option. Sadly have to agree it’s a fairly average affair. I think SE area is lacking great Thai and Vietnamese offers. Any recommendations welcome!!

Matoom - Thai Bistro gets my vote for Thai but they don’t deliver as far as I know.
Vietnamese - I have yet to try Saigon Foods or Bite Mi but they look ok…

What delivery platform does Big Cheeks use? There is no mention on their website.

It does deliver (lucky for me in far away Sydenham!)! Only through the website (rather than just eat, deliveroo etc):
Here we go -

Scroll down a little and press the link.

Enjoy :blush:


Ah great! Wish I had realised this earlier as I had a very under par delivery on Wednesday from Thia Garden

Just fyi Matoom is on Deliveroo! But generally takes about 50 mins for delivery!

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Matoom are on Delivveroo - as my bank statement can confirm :grin: Depends on time of day but have had delivery in under 40 mins

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Agree, Love Matoom.
Been to ‘Big Cheeks’ (hate the name!!! sorry makes me think of fat arses:laughing:)in its previous incarnation food was fine service was always pleasant.
but I think Matoom is?was superior

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I was going to try them tonight through Just-eat but saw them still listed as Thai Orchard - would that be a fail if I ordered or do they still trade online as that does anyone know?