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Lewisham does not seem to have a policy for implementing bike hangers, but Ive noticed on my street (Como Road) that there are a number of bikes now being chained to lamp posts and some people putting little bike lockers in their front yard.

My lease does not allow a front yard bike locker, but I have a couple of bikes that would certainly get more use if they were in a bike hanger.

If anyone feels that getting a bike hanger might be a good idea, here are some instructions as to how to go about requesting it (pretty much just sending an email).

Ive done this a couple of times over the past few years, and never received a response, but with the recent increase in cycling around London - its worth trying again.

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Hi Comoed- this sounds a great idea! As a fellow Como Road-er have emailed them too! (This is my first post too- been a lurker for a while!!)


@comoed would you be able to install a ground anchor? The other option if that is a no go is to install the anchor into a bucket filled with concrete. It won’t stop people stealing bits of bike but will stop them stealing the whole bike.


Thanks for the hints @Londondrz but Im afraid because we’re the top floor of a maisonette we arent allowed to do anything with our front yard as it belongs to our downstairs neighbour. Have to lug the bike down the stairs if I want to use it


Astonishingly I got a reply from the council already, sadly it is not very promising-

'Thank you for your email. I am sorry for the delay in replying.

At present we are only installing bike hangers on housing estate roads. There are a number of issues that need to be resolved, including the availability of finding, before we can develop a programme for installing bike hangers or cycle hoops on the public highway.

I hope this is helpful.



I just got the same reply, word for word. It is strange because if you venture over the border into Lambeth, they are everywhere.



I guess this means “funding”.


I assume so! I could ‘find’ several locations very suitable! And yes, I have a friend who lived in Brixton until recently- they had them bloomin’ everywhere!


Oh, that is a pain. I hope you are able to sort something out.


What Ive been doing for the past five years or so is just leaving my bike at the bottom of the stairs after getting home from work each day, ready to use the next morning. With young kids we never leave the house in the evening anyway - however it does mean problems if anyone comes round or we get groceries delivered.


In my email to them, I suggested the little bit of Como Road at the bottom (opposite #2) which is not outside anyone’s house and is away from traffic,-0.043641,20.25z


I received the same reply a year ago! It’s also ironic that there is so little provision of bike hangers within Lewisham, yet cycle hoop who provide them are based on Perry Vale!


Strangely enough that is almost exactly the same place I suggested!


This website shows the locations currently installed- shows the massive number in Lambeth compared to the almost none in Forest Hill/Lewisham in general!


Ive just emailed them again to see if I can get them to point me in the direction of the current policy so I can see what I should be asking for, how and where. Its not as though these things are free to rent, we will still have to pay rental for them, and it appears that there already are some (although very few) in Lewisham - so we just need to know what to do next to move this forward.


Something like this might be a way forward?


I like this. I’ve pasted the conclusion at the bottom of the article below. In Como Road, who is the councillor that we could contact about this?

Key things to remember:
• This is not the first one, there are loads in Lambeth. This is nothing new.
• Where they exist they are VERY popular.
• They are no uglier than any other piece of street furniture. There is no problem installing them in conservation areas.
• They will ask why you can’t have it on your property: You need an answer for that.

Finally: If you do want one of these then Fairness is fundamental.
Without whingeing and always being seen to be reasonable: you have to
frame it in terms of what’s fair: 6 people get bike parking for half a
car parking space. It’s an accident of history that cars can park all
over the place, and that is “normal”. Cars spend 90% of their existence
parked, we only want bike hangars because our bikes are in constant use.
Once you have one there is no looking back: I love ours. We have even
repainted all the walls in our hallway. No longer do I need to lug a
wet bike up the stairs on my shoulder. I am getting to meet the other
cyclists on my street! Now I don’t know what I would do without it.


The relevant councillors seem to be John Paschoud, Alan Till and Susan Wise (see
I’m not sure which of them would be the most appropriate but am happy to draft/ help draft a letter to them!

And possibly to leaflet as well- There is a useful leaflet here: that could be used for this?


@John_Paschoud is on the forum and may be able to advise?


Thanks @ChrisBeach . Will your reply flag his name is in this thread? I’m not sure I know how/ have the right to send him a direct message?