Bike Hangars


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Having moved into Lewisham from Southwark in March, I am finding many things missing I took for granted in that other borough.


As an update @John_Paschoud contacted me via private message (and due to some technical incompetence on my part I accidentally posted my reply to him above) so I have forwarded on details of the kind of thing we are after and he said he will contact the highways team.

Here’s hoping we can move forward from here.


There was draft Cycle Strategy for Lewisham circulating during the summer. The Council was due to adopt this at some point but I don’t know where it’s gotten to. It might be worth checking on this as it should contain something covering cycle hangars.

It’s a shame that Lewisham Council are not more supportive of this. Not only is it super efficient (replacing one car parking space with up to 12 bike parking spaces), but they’re made right here in Forest Hill so it would be supporting local enterprise.


Here are a couple of photos of Como Road yesterday. Four bikes parked next to lampposts. I haven’t yet had a reply from the council about whether the footpath constitutes public highway or not but I also note that cars park (and therefore drive) on the footpath for about half the length of the road.


I can clarify that generally speaking, yes the footway is part of the public highway.
Not sure if driving on the footway is illegal, I think it is, but as the footway is built to a much lower strength tolerance than the carriageway then driving on the FW will certainly wear it out quicker. Parking on the FW, or part on part off, is sometimes allowed in marked bays. Sometimes if you didn’t park on the FW on both sides you wouldn’t have room for another car able to drive down the road!


Thanks for the info on public highways, @Jon_Robinson. In terms of the ‘estate roads’ mentioned in the email from Lewisham highways

I wonder if that includes the cut through between Trilby and Sunderland Rds? I’ve got some time coming up to be able to spend on this, so will be starting a mini-campaign to get some action from Lewisham on this, but would like to have as many facts as possible before I start.


Hi @comoed - interesting question, that could be a place where one could go! Though how safe people would feel using it might be questionable? Willing to help out if there’s anything you’d like some help with!


Ive had a reply from cyclehoop about costs, so have forwarded on to @John_Paschoud regarding their cost details for a bike hanger. For everyone else, details are:

The cost of a Bikehangar is £2,850 plus £400 for installation and delivery.
Total = £3,250 ex. VAT
There is then a rentals cost which covers management and maintenance of the Bikehangars, in some boroughs this is part subsided by the council.
If there is no subsidy, the cost per user per year is £60+VAT.
Our contact at the council is Nick Harvey, Cycling Programme Manager,


Hi Lee - Ive been thinking about the best way forward, and have a number of ideas, some of which I’ve shared with the council (no reply just yet). I think perhaps doing leafleting with the cards you linked to above might be an idea, but delivering them in person on say, a Saturday afternoon might help a little more. Perhaps we could meet up to discuss? Anyone else interested?


Happy to have some of the cards at the shop to give to my customers that cycle if it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind offer @Pauline but the idea of bike hangers is that they are used by people who live in the close vicinity. In our case its really only the people who live on our street or very nearby that would be affected. I’m hoping that by going door to door that we can meet a few more of our neighbours and get them behind this so that its easier to make the short trips by bike more viable and therefore take cars off the road = less pollution and friendlier streets etc etc.

By the way, I rode down to B&Q at Bell Green yesterday to get a few DIY odds and ends, it only took 4 mins by bike and you get to park right out the front of the shop. It nearly took longer to lock my bike up than actually ride it there. I was amazed, and this from someone who cycles a lot.


It took me a long time to work out that this thread was about bike hangars (which I’ve never heard of before) rather than bike hangers (hadn’t heard of them either, but they’re hooks for hanging bikes off walls, apparently).


I have amended the thread’s title to avoid others being similarly confused.


Well I’m afraid, for the time being the thread will have to stop here. I finally got a reply from the council and they have informed me that they are still creating a policy. Contractors have to be chosen for implementation and a programme needs to be devised.

They are expecting to have a method for residents being able to request a bike hangar by Feb 2017. (sigh)

In the meantime other boroughs are forging ahead



Sorry for the slow response, just back from holiday! I am happy to help with leafleting etc- although seeing your most recent post it seems that there might not be much point until February?! :pensive:


Well, I have followed this up with the highways department at Lewisham council and they’ve replied saying that they will now do a consultation in April rather than by the end of February. I think I’m being fobbed off - as its the same amount of time since I last started asking questions of them in October/November last year. I also inquired at the same time about a policy document, but all I got was literally a one liner in reply. I replied again only to get an “this email wont be checked for 2 weeks” auto reply.

Does anyone know how to find out this stuff from the council? I asked if there was a place on their website, if I could do a call or meet in person and I know they are underfunded etc etc, but this is pretty unprofessional behaviour.


If it’s anything like Hackney Council they are probably vastly over subscribed. In three years they’ve had over 5000 requests, and the waiting list is ‘several years’ as there is so little funding, plus each one has to replace either road linings, or a parking space, so they have to consultation on every one!


It sounds like Hackney Council has a policy then, I am only trying to find out if there is actually a policy in Lewisham, as I have been told so far that there isn’t - I’m not even trying to request a bike hanger (although that’s where I started).


That’s cool! Where are they made?