Bike Hangars


They’re made in one of the industrial units adjacent to Perry Vale car park.


Wouldn’t a Brommie save all these problems from under the stairs at home to under the desk at work and converts to a shopping trolley on the way home?

IMHO the major drawback is getting the initial grand investment together. But there isn’t a sounder cycling investment. I could probably get near to what I paid for mine 11 years ago.


FYI: Lewisham does not give a f*** about cycle hangars. Hackney, Lambeth and Southwark council all have departments, employees and budgets set aside for it. Lewisham does not. Looking at the (supposedly) incoming council tax increase and service cuts I doubt that will change either.


If enough people contact the council asking what provision there is, they will change their minds.
try things like asking your local councillor to raise the question at a council meeting, or submitting FOI requests asking how many requests there have been for cycle hangars in the past twelve months, or ask the council to provide you with a map of where all their cycle parking facilities are. Try to find out the number of cyclist KSIs (Killed or Seriously Injured) accidents in the borough, or the number of reports of stolen bicycles.
a lot of the funding that other councils have for cycle provisions (cycle quietways, hangars, cycle stands, permiability issues, etc is actually TfL funding for Local Implementation Plans - not directly funded through local council tax.


I have a 50km round trip to work. There is no way that I’m doing that on 16" wheels!! However good a Brompton might be for a commute into the city, it wont do a lot of the things that I need a bike to be able to do eg tow my son’s trailer bike, go fast etc


@Ross sadly I think you’re right. I just wish they would say so instead of telling me that they are going to make a decision on it in three months time every three months


I have included my local councillor in the correspondence I’ve had with Lewisham but to no avail as yet. I’ll start ramping up my emailing campaign then.


Hi Comoed,

That’s what a lot of people say who haven’t done it. It would have included me some time ago. I got my Brommie in 2006 to go in the boot for getting from the out of town car park to the meeting.

Then, by accident, I couldn’t use my road bike for an unsupported London to Paris ride. Not doing it was out of the question. Doing it on only three gears was a revelation and the start of seeing it as rather more than a commuter bike. Since then it has gone up Welsh mountains, dipped its front wheel in the Med, done Imperial tons and done over 40 mph downhill on, yes, 16" wheels. The faster you go the more stable it is. It’s done everything and even more than my road bike (like converting to a shopping trolley around the Co-op).

Oh and in case you are thinking I’m some sort of superman - I’m 68 and no stronger than years of doing a 18 miles round trip commute to Euston in my younger years can make.

Would you like me to post the videos of Brommies pulling trailers and worse? Go on, give in and get one. Actually you can hire them from £2.50 a day making them ideal to pack on the plane, boat or train to somewhere exotic. Its like cocaine. You know you shouldn’t but if you do …

Meanwhile OT the USP I found most useful was not having to worry about parking the Brommie and wondering if it would be there on my return. You simply keep it with you. Goes under the table in a restaurant, Sits nicely in a small out of sight gap in the house …


Ah, but which set of 16" wheels do you buy?


So after I queried the council why they were going to take three more months to appoint a contractor to carry out installation of potential bike hangars around Lewisham and if they could point me in the direction of an official policy document, they informed me that there is no official policy document and all they can do is assure me that that is the time frame.



Another possible solution, spotted amongst @BlancheCameron’s tweets:


These look great, but until Lewisham Council come up with a policy and appoint a contractor for installation it doesn’t matter what kind of public bike storage options are out there, there wont be any installed in the borough.

Voice your opinions to


Hi also campaigning for a cycle locker near Honor oak park parade as no room in my flat. Anyone else need one here? If so please request via this link

Also emailing the council . …



I also live in Lewisham and desperately want bike parking! I’ve been in touch with Imogen Payami at Lewisham Highways. She told me on 3 March that they were on track to appoint a contractor to install the bikehangers by the end of March… so progress is being made?


Great to hear, and welcome to, @Leanne_Meredith


Hi @leanne_meredith I was told by Imogen around that time a contractor would be appointed by the end of April - but then she also told me “by the end of Feb” back in November. I don’t have a high level of trust in her word…


“The end of March”, which year I wonder?


I’m moving to Honor Oak Park next month, first thing i did was email Lewisham council to ask about bikehangers.

They said 1 month ago that they would appoint a contractor to provide hangers by the end of March.

I’m chasing them on it now to see if it’s happening.


Yes Highways said to me working on a joint tender with Southwark Council to appoint a contractor in mid march. Again by march. Just asked for an update too.


Hi @comoed

Can I suggest you contact Cllr Mark Ingleby. He is our “bike champion” for the whole borough. He will be in the know and would be the best person to drive a policy detail.

His details:
Bus. phone: 0208 698 8562