Bike Hangars


Star! I’ll call and email after the Easter weekend


Highways say the decision to appoint a contractor has been delayed till June


Well, we’re in June now. Let’s all try again and see if we can get this moving!!


I’ve just emailed highways again, this time cc-ing Cllr Mark Ingleby to see if getting it on his radar will help.

BTW, last I checked on I don’t remember seeing these hangars in Crofton Park. Are they new?


I have just got a response from the email that I sent at the beginning of June (with the chain going all the way back to Sept last year), copying in Mark Ingleby and John Paschaud. It basically said that there is a joint consultation taking place with Southwark and they expect (again!!) to have some kind of policy by October this year.

Anyway - feeling deflated from the above, I sighed and carried on. However, today I got an email saying that because I have requested a bike hangar in the past, I could could now use a new facility on the Lewisham website to do just that. So in order to keep everything equal - as I don’t believe I deserve special treatment, I thought I’d post the link here:

Request away people! The more people on bikes, the better life is for everyone.


Thanks for this! Request done!


I had an e mail also regarding requesting a hanger as they are moving closer to installing them. Application returned


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