Motorbikes in and out of roads around Honor Oak Park stopping looking then riding off not sure if 2 or more noisy. Odd behaviour hope it’s nothing just being annoying

Report to local police if you’re concerned they are scoping out properties or vehicles.

Thanks for your input and advice!! They stopped 15mins after I mentioned it I think ?? and to be fair What can I say to police I other then waste time. I know this has happened before in past but with no evidence to give maybe me sharing this others may of noticed and heard something else I didn’t. I wasn’t gonna stand a watch by myself to find out after coming home late.

If you notify the police with a twitter DM to @MetCC, it is very quick and can be done in real time. If police are given this kind of info on traffic incidents, they can connect up separate reports; this group may have gone roadracing, for example. Allow the police to decide if it’s worth logging.


Thank you!