Bin collection changes


Yes whole street, that said we are one of very few who actually push our bins out and also return them into property.
A minor irritation but as council states that if bin is not at boundary it will not be emptied yet the collections are still done with bins retrieved from inside gardens.

On one occassion I had not pulled bin out fully, not emptied very annoying!


I saw somewhere (can’t remember where) that it really helps the refuse guys if you put your bin handles facing the road. Since I read that I can’t NOT put the bins out that way. They aren’t the most manoeuvrable of beasts.

Just checked the rules on putting you bins out and they don’t have to be out on the street, just at the edge of your boundary. So a bin half-out should have been collected. Unless it was a brown bin. As not everyone has those, the bin men won’t check inside your boundary for that.


@Wynell, how did you phone the council? We were unable to as they have a recording saying only online inquiries were accepted, for which you have to register, but the online system us not taking new registrations either.

This email address, which I got from the Sydenham Town Forum, produced results after my black bin and food hin were not emptied on Tuesday:


I take it you mean once every two weeks :slight_smile:

We were chatting about this in the pub last night and we all said the same thing - that we wont really use the food recycling bins and our use of the grey bins remains the same. Mine is now pretty full and although we will generally be ok with the two week collection schedule there will be times when it will overflow (and they specifically will not take anything not in the bin). However we are all allotment people so I guess not representative of the populace.

I wonder if we will be able to buy the compost that Lewisham say they are making (pref at a nice local discount) or whether it is sold on at a profit for the council.


Yes, I did indeed mean every other week.

Was your grey bin emptied this week or are you coming to the end of your second week of filling it?

I think I’m going to make an effort fo buy fresh food with less non-recyclable packaging as that’s currently dominating my grey bin fill. So from the perspective of changing behaviours, that’s certainly working for me.


‭020 8314 7171‬ Is the number I got thru on ssked for bin collection


I seriously recommend using It’s the council’s preferred method of reporting these things, since they wound up their own reporting app. You don’t need to log in, you can see progress reports, upload a photo if appropriate, post follow-ups if not resolved. Any missed collections I’ve reported this way have been collected the next day.


Don’t think it was emptied this week so we have to get through to next Tuesday - there are only two of us so it isn’t a hassle really…
I am lucky enough to grow a sizable proportion if our own food so we don’t have a lot of packaging. In fact I now bemoan the lack of carrier bags as I used to use them to bring all the muddy veg back from the plot!


Are everyone else’s food biodegradable refuse bags biodegrading prior to collection? I had to wash out both my kitchen caddy and the external food waste bin each of which had become covered in delicious “bin juice” because the biodegradable bags were leaking.

I look forward to cleaning these two new bins 52 times a year… :roll_eyes:


Some others have had that problem but I haven’t. I change over my bag every three days or so. If you’re not changing it that often, you might need to empty it before it’s full. Having said that, my outside caddy was fine with bags in it for a week.

Remember - minimise the amount of liquid in your food waste.

There’s always a chance that the free bags from Lewisham are not the best quality and replacements from the supermarket might be better.


We are still waiting for our food bins. …Hopefully they will arrive this side of Christmas


The street bins are feeling the pressure…


Some major teething problems with this scheme. I live in a large Victorian hose conversion, 4 x 3 bed flats on Lowther Hill. Currently we have 3 x black bins and 2 x green bins, so already inadequate for our needs. Despite a call with Lewisham bins team who told me they would deliver more green bins (and accepted that they would have to be stored on the street as there isn’t any more space), this hasn’t happened and I’ve now been through two weeks of overfilled bins which stink. @MajaHilton this really isn’t working for mansion block conversions. Please can you advise how we can resolve this? The environmental health team have been both lecture-y and unhelpful and have failed to deliver on the promise of new green bins.


That doesn’t bode well does it?


This is on my street. This is a tenanted property and they put their bins inside but now it’s also overflowing


Just to add to the gaiety of the nation, it looks like our bins and our neighbours bins did not get emptied. None of us seem to have food waste bins either.
I’ve used the website and it suggests we should have - despite us being on a red route - so I’ve logged the items as missing. I also note the website was timing out on the actual bin collection day - I’ve just been able to use it today.


Hi @Irmani_Smallwood

I am not familiar with your street as it is in Crofton Park ward, and we even have different MPs. The best suggestion I have is for you to contact one of your local councillors who will know your Road and who can request any changes if needed or find out a workable solution.

To find contact details on the link sorted by wards

Your councillors are
Cllr Barnham
Cllr Kennedy
Cllr Morrison


Managing well so far. I guess it’s like the 5p shopping bag charge. You need to be subtlety forced to recycle.

Yes, the caddy is RUBBISH (pun intended). Locking mechanism doesn’t work. When you open the lid after it rains, the water on top falls inside. Genius.

As for rubbish being dumped on the streets - that’s part and parcel of living in London. It’s cheaper for the Council to respond to dumping of waste than it is to actually pick it up from everyone’s homes (eg: fly tipping of furniture).


Well , got our food caddy emptied, Trouble was all on the pavement outside the gate?? Seems the dustman like to empty 2 caddys or bins in to 1 to save them having to take 2 of to the back of the truck??
At this rate the foxes &rats are going to have a field day ?? Calls or e-mails to the council dont appear to get any where. Very frustrating.


Well missed our brown bin and our food bin council said sorry will pick up Friday called at 4pm they said sorry will all be sorted next week.
10am this morning both bins emptied yay!

Just a note looks like food goes in same receptacle as garden waste, so no feeding the pigs (swill) then.