Bin collection changes


I gave the council a ring this week and it turns out there are loads of streets who haven’t had their silver bins yet. The poor woman on the phone described it as a ‘nightmare’. As we (along with most people on our road) have never had a green bin either I requested one of these. They’re on order and will be with us ‘shortly’ (8 weeks when I pushed for a definition of ‘shortly’). I’m not impressed by people on here ‘bin shaming’ those leaving bin bags by their black bins. That’s unless you can come up with any other suggestions for what people should be doing with their rubbish with no green or silver bins (hearing ‘drive it to the tip’ was a little grating as we don’t have a car…)


Update! We’ve now got a sticker on our bins saying they won’t take it away because there’s food waste in it. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Will local councillors be any help in this situation?


FYI email sent to cllrs:

Despite asking for a silver bin for weeks we still haven’t got one. The woman I spoke to at the council said they were on order, lots of streets didn’t have them and it was a ‘nightmare’. I’ve also been requesting a green bin for a very long time (over the course of two years) and am still waiting. Again, the woman at Envirocall said they’d be about 8 weeks and were on order.

Today I’ve found that the bin men have slapped a notice on our bin saying they won’t collect it because it’s got food waste in it.

Attaching a tag to a bin, implying that the fault is ours for not making use of a food waste bin Lewisham has yet to deliver, is incredibly poor customer service and strongly suggests a lack of communication between departments.

Do you have any ideas on how we sort this one out? There’s overflowing bins up and down Wynell Road (and across Lewisham) and with no provision of silver bins I have no idea what the council plans to do about it, beyond penalising those who can’t now properly dispose of their rubbish though no fault of their own

I’m extremely disappointed and upset as I support the idea of food waste collections wholeheartedly and can’t help feeling that this whole thing has been spectacularly mishandled.

I’d like to make a formal complaint, who might I best address this to?


@jmoney - that’s an intolerable situation and I hope you get some help with it soon. If I were you I’d be tempted to put the grey bin out for collection anyway, with a large-print note on it pointing out you have no food bin. And I find it staggering that you’ve been asking for a green bin for YEARS and haven’t got one. What on earth is the excuse they give for that?

A couple of things strike me:

  1. Did Lewisham explicitly say they wouldn’t collect grey bins with food waste in them?
  2. Isn’t it much too early in the process to be refusing to empty grey bins with food in, if that’s the rule? Even without the issue of people not having food bins, surely there should be a few months grace where people get warnings, rather than immediate refusal to empty the bin.


No good one. The issue is is that no one on our side of Wynell Road seems to have a green bin, so when we briefly did have one it didn’t hang around long enough for us to paint our number on it. It’s become a bit of a freeforall and our beloved numbered black bin has gone walkabout as well. I gave up on the green bin requests for a while as honestly we could get everything into the black bin… until now.

  1. All the tag said was ‘we couldn’t empty your food waste bin’ erm… no s**t Sherlock.
  2. You’d think so wouldn’t you. It’s been two weeks and no bin collection so am assuming they don’t think so.


Maybe try calling environmental health as this is turning into an environmental issue isn’t it?


This is a good idea. I emailed them last week about overflowing bins and bin bags and they were at least very responsive and said they would look into it. Worth a shot.


Let’s hope they do! :blush:


They messed up our collection again but once again emailing got an immediate response. Last time they collected the unemptied rubbish the next day so fingers crossed.


Still waiting for our food bin…maybe they recycled the bin itself by mistake.


Enjoyed my walk through Ladywell this morning, post food bin collection. Bins thrown on the pavement willy nilly. Lids open. The flimsy design doesn’t really lend itself to being tossed about as it appears they are.


Week 3 of the new regime.
Stiil no food bin.
Phoned the council (again) - was told to put grey bin out (again) as “arrangements have been made to collect your bins”.
Bins weren’t collected (again)…


Our bins are now empty! Very exciting. Still no green or silver bins though.


Yesterday, on my street , I witnessed one fella who was working the ‘even’ side of the street literally lobbing the grey bins back to the side of the street that he had picked them up from. His colleagues on the ‘odd’ side were putting them back pretty tidily (or at at least not just chucking them in the vague direction of the houses). Maybe he was having a bad day?!

Anyway I emailed and they got back to me, very promptly this morning to apologise and let me know they’d be speaking to the team about this. So worth getting touch with them if you have any issues.


Sigh. Why do people dump their huge TV/other boxes on the street, then leave them there when the Council doesn’t pick them up. Take a hint maybe? Cut them up like everyone else?

Hate reporting people who live in the local area but geez some people are inconsiderate.


@Hollow The council say they will take large boxes too big for the green bin when they can. I always stack them behind my green bin when I put it out and they take them. So maybe not residents at fault if they’ve been left behind. Unless they’ve left polystyrene and other non-recyclable packing in the box.


Really? All this time I never knew that. Haha!

Come to think of it, there was a lot of polystyrene too. But who knows. I’ll just leave it then.


I verified this with the Council shortly after moving here as we had a particularly high number of boxes to recycle. They also recommended collapsing, then using some string or tape to bind them so they don’t get scattered or blown away while waiting for collection.


The rubbish situation with our neighbours is getting really bad. It is a tenanted property with 8 households and for the past few months the front yard is getting littered with rubbish – things strewn about include open nappies, packages with rotten fruit etc. Is there anything we can do through the council to pressure them to clean it up and keep it clean? I have contacted environment case work Lewisham who said they would pay a visit and also contacted the agent who manages the property who sent a letter to the residents about it, but looks like nobody has taken any action/even seems to care about it. My neighbors and I are getting increasingly frustrated to see this eyesore everyday from our windows and also worried about pest infestations this might result in


What about environmental health? We had the sane problem a few years back with a neighbour…A man came from Lewisham but said because it was on their property all he could do was put a note through their door reminding them to keep tidy etc…fortunately it did work. The only other solution I suppose is to get a letter from a solicitor addressed to the owner as well as the tenant. We would have had to do that if the other solution hadn’t worked.