Bin collections delayed by a day due to Bank Holidays

So… because of the Easter bank holidays I know our bin collection day has been pushed back by one day (and confirmed on the Lewisham site)…

Normal bin day is today (Wednesday) but revised day is tomorrow… But the recycling men/lorry has just gone past my house emptying any bins left out (of which there aren’t many)… has anyone else had an attempted collection today?

I couldn’t even get to speak to them… by the time I noticed them and ran outside, they were gone down the street…

I do hope they will come around again tomorrow.

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I’m beginning to think for weeks where collections are affected such as bank holidays or weather, we just leave the bins on the street until emptied.


Just happened here but I managed to talk to one of the bin guys. They are just collecting the food waste. Rest will happen tomorrow.

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But the food waste isn’t due to be collected until tomorrow either! Unless they’re going to do it again tomorrow…

I am not disputing that! :slight_smile:

Sorry Brett… wasn’t having a go at you… I just find it strange that they’d collect the food waste today (but no one had any bins out) and again tomorrow…

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It’s ok (didn’t take it that way) but in fairness we haven’t established whether the food waste will be collected again tomorrow. I would guess not.

It didn’t seem to matter whether anyone had the food waste bins out as they were collecting them anyway. I managed to add a food waste bag as I heard the bin lorry, and the guy I spoke to kindly waited for me to bring it out and that is how the conversation happened. He was clearly not behind the planning so didn’t give him a hard time about it!