Bins on Ebsworth Street



I do feel a bit of empathy towards those who put their bins on the street, particularly where there isn’t a lot of room on the property AND considering there seems to be more and more bins per household every few years.

I had a similar issue in my last house. There was a small amount of space between the pavement and my house I and my upstairs neighbours were expected to keep our bins. Which meant I had bins right next to windows which during the warm weather was not an ideal location especially if anything got smelly or attracted flies.

There’s a little more room in this picture but not much.


I agree with both the above comments. I’m not that familiar with Ebsworth Street to be fair, but was just agreeing with @Hollow if you were really unhappy about the situation. I wasn’t commenting to cause ill feeling, but some people can be a bit lapsidasical cant they :grimacing:


Another solution would be to type up a polite notice anonymously to put through your neighbours doors (Chris excluded of course!) to just say about keeping the street tidy.


While I am really quite angry to see a photo of my house put on a forum like this I would like to put my defence across.

Every time we put our bins out and bring them in again we have to avoid the mounds of cat sht all over our front garden from other people’s cats. Therefore while we do put them away most of the time, sometimes we don’t bother as we can’t be bothered to clean our shoes yet again.
This week my wife found a huge dog sh
t where our bin is supposed to be put out and so had to pick that up first before doing the bins.

I understand you don’t like the bins being left out, but we don’t like cat and dog sh*t everywhere. Sometimes neighbours do things that irritate and you just have to put up with it. Perhaps a better way of dealing with this would be a friendly knock on your neighbours doors rather than a public post naming and shaming people who may not even know they are offending anyone or who may have perfectly valid reasons for not tidying away their bins.

In future we will do our best to put our bins away, perhaps you could write a new post telling off SE23 residents for littering the streets and front gardens with animal crap!


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I’d be very surprised if this is from cats - there’s only one regular cat out on Ebsworth St (Gulliver) and he spends most of his time on the other side of the road, and probably buries his “products” in soft ground, as most cats do.

Your issue is far more likely to be foxes - they crapped all over our front garden, and their products are pretty distinctive. Also scratched my car horribly. Would love to rid our street of these unwanted pests. Ideas on a postcard!

If anyone sees a dog walker not picking up after their pet, I think that would warrant a public shaming.

Whilst we’re on the subject of Ebsworth rants - it’s also irritating that some North-side Ebsworth St residents walk their very yappy dogs at midnight (something that starts to grate after four years of being woken regularly) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


We have caught one of two cats in the act and I can tell the different between dog, cat and Fox poo. I have seen a big ginger cat covering over his/her deed and a black cat sniffing around looking for a clean patch to do his/her deed on.
The foxes are too busy dining out at number 8!

Regardless, now that we know that leaving bins outside may be illegal and irritates others, our bins will be put back on our side and I hope we won’t have to deal with dog mess outside our house the next time we have to put the bins out again.


You could try sprinkling crushed chillis on your front garden - it will bother any creature with a sensitive nose. Please do NOT put it on the street though - many law abiding dogs will walk down it. Sainsbury’s sell cheap bags in the ‘world foods’ section.


Indeed, very neighbourly isn’t it!


That made me chuckle. has tagged topics for Ebsworth Street which paint an interesting picture. One third focus on issues like bad bin neighbours, fox scratching, critter shitting and attempted theft. Another third on free stuff. An interesting picture for anyone googling Ebsworth Street SE23.

On a different note, does Ebsworth Street have the highest concentration of members cause I’m counting four so far?


Perhaps it does!
There are some lovely aspects of Ebsworth st, the north side of the street has some lovely front gardens and we have very kind neighbours offering fresh herbs, seedlings etc
Just a shame about the foxes, bad parking and obviously…the Bins!


@Starman - stop stirring please. There is one topic about foxes and one about an attempted theft, which was thwarted by an Ebsworth resident. One topic where Ebsworth residents advised about cleaning tiles. The other four topics are Ebsworth St residents generously giving away items for free.


It’s all a bit more complicated on other local forums where there are posts about Ebsworth St residents generously giving free dinners to the foxes.

I just hope the foxes don’t figure out a way to open the food waste collection buckets that the council have provided to all residents.


Imagine that! Hope they stand up to the test of time well and don’t end up with loose lids etc.


I have a tenuous grasp at best of the meaning of Dog-whistle politics.

Wikipedia defines it as political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup.

Perhaps this is an example of dog whistle posting relevant to Ebsworth Street only.

Play nice people - remind yourselves of the possible impact on your house-prices.

The street does not want to attract a reputation of being occupied by anti-social residents (not that I have evidence of any such presence) mixed with outbreaks of curtain twitching snitching (again without having observed any).


I’m aware of six members who live on Ebsworth St, and a seventh member who recently moved out. Several other residents are regular readers of the forum but not members.

Why so many? Probably something to do with the poster on my bike shed for a few weeks last year :wink:

Also, did you know about our famous former resident (now Lewisham West MP)?

For all the latest on one of SE23’s most vibrant streets, follow the @EbsworthStreet Twitter account


Weird someone was complaining about a specific street in regards to Fox/Cat poo, bins and parking. You just described almost every single street in London. :joy: :joy:


I live on Ebsworth and have never noticed this as a particular problem. Have you tried speaking to your neighbours?


Steady on @Emily !!



There is a house on my road which leaves 5 of each bin outside as no one in the house, nor Hyde Housing want to take responsibility for it.
In fact it was me who had to order the bins for them, as before they had one between five flats, and when it overflowed, everyone but them suffered.

We also have a few rogue bins which belong nowhere, gawd knows where they came from.