Bins on Ebsworth Street



Imagine that! Hope they stand up to the test of time well and don’t end up with loose lids etc.


I have a tenuous grasp at best of the meaning of Dog-whistle politics.

Wikipedia defines it as political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup.

Perhaps this is an example of dog whistle posting relevant to Ebsworth Street only.

Play nice people - remind yourselves of the possible impact on your house-prices.

The street does not want to attract a reputation of being occupied by anti-social residents (not that I have evidence of any such presence) mixed with outbreaks of curtain twitching snitching (again without having observed any).


I’m aware of six members who live on Ebsworth St, and a seventh member who recently moved out. Several other residents are regular readers of the forum but not members.

Why so many? Probably something to do with the poster on my bike shed for a few weeks last year :wink:

Also, did you know about our famous former resident (now Lewisham West MP)?

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Weird someone was complaining about a specific street in regards to Fox/Cat poo, bins and parking. You just described almost every single street in London. :joy: :joy:


I live on Ebsworth and have never noticed this as a particular problem. Have you tried speaking to your neighbours?


Steady on @Emily !!



There is a house on my road which leaves 5 of each bin outside as no one in the house, nor Hyde Housing want to take responsibility for it.
In fact it was me who had to order the bins for them, as before they had one between five flats, and when it overflowed, everyone but them suffered.

We also have a few rogue bins which belong nowhere, gawd knows where they came from.


Ballina St is another one which has bins permanently on the footpath from a few houses. It’s just selfish and inconsiderate behaviour.