Bins outside flats on Stanstead Road

Hey everyone,

Just moved into the flats on Stanstead road next to Bravos, lovely area! One thing I need help with is, having issues other buildings/general public using the communal bins outside the flats, I’ve caught the staff from ‘Cafe Lounge’ dumping their restaurant waste in our bins!
Any advice on who I can contact to get this to stop, the outside is starting to look a bit of state with flies and wasps everywhere.



I’m just around the corner on St Germans Road and have noticed yesterday that SOOO much rubbish (chairs, plasterboard, and general crap etc) has been dumped on the pavement outside no 22-26 and I don’t believe it is any residents on that stretch of Road that dumped this as it is now almost impossible to walk on the pavement there. I will contact and send pics to Fix My Street tomorrow to ask for it to be removed, you could do the same.

Commercial businesses need to pay for refuse sacks which come in the form of red sacks which get picked up daily by Lewisham Council. It would be nice if you could make the owner aware of this incase they are not aware as they are a new business and may not know.

Hope it works out for all.


Hey thanks for the reply Pauline. Yeh, loads of crap has been dumped outside, randomly loads of toys, so understandably the bin men aren’t taking them. Will get onto Fix my Street.

Thanks for the advice about commercial waste, think I’ll pop in tomorrow before work to let them know. I don’t want to get anyone into trouble but the bins are literally overflowing now and they’re still piling their bags in!


Yes, you should get on to Fix My Street straight away.

I think you are being really understandable about how commercial waste works with independent businesses and they are lucky to have you as an understanding neighbour willing to have a chat to solve the problem.

Best of luck, Pauline


It seems that they are disposing of trade refuse (for which they have to pay) in domestic bins.

Ultimately, it will be for the Council to enforce the collection of trade refuse.

Thanks for the reply. I tried to speak to the manager this morning, but ran out of time. Have left a message for them so hopefully we can resolve this sensibly.

If not I’ll have to contact environmental health, it’s causing such a mess, to the point where there are rats and foxes going through the bags they’ve left on the floor.

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Hi, we live around the corner and unfortunately that seems to be a spot for professional dumpers - there’s always lots of trade waste that’s been ditched deliberately. I’d contact the council if I were you to see if they can do something to deter the flytippers? It used to be a hot spot at the end of our street but the property owners put up cameras and signs no it stopped almost overnight. Ironically Fix My Street gets the problem resolved really quickly which I think in some instances just encourages more fly tipping…

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Yeh, since moving in I’ve had to remove several bin bags, mattresses, carpet, chairs, a microwave, and randomly a nappy bin…I will never understand people who choose to drive around to fly tip rather than take it to the actual tip.

I’ve tweeted Lewisham Council and they’ve given me the email for the environmental management team so I can ping them an email to find out how I can stop this. Think am going to ask my building manager for bin enclosures and cameras, in the heat the smell has been unbearable so it needs to be sorted. Thanks for everyone’s replies though!