Bird in Hand Pub

I seem to have lost the topic relating to noise at the bird in hand pub? Can someone direct me back to it please. Thanks.

Note that thread was started by @BirdinHand asking where the noise was coming from, which is different to what @Forestbird is asking…

I did think of the same thread you though :slight_smile:

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Yes, you’re right.
Sorry about that - and thank you for correcting me.


I think it is this, but the thread is no longer accessible to me.

Nor me.
Maybe it contained something that’s potentially libellous?

maybe… I don’t see anything in ‘moderator actions’ category though.

This post was flagged and is temporarily hidden.

The creator of that topic deleted their account, and so the topic was automatically deleted.

(only new users with less than 15 posts are able to delete their account in this way)


Thank you. Wondered what had happened to it.

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