Birds in Forest Hill


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Just had baby starlings land on my windowsill!!! Very cute.


If you don’t think you’ve seen parakeets, look up when you hear 2+ birds screeching to one another, and you’ll see these darts flying by. If you get a book called Birdsong, it has pictures and one of those press-button players. You’ll hear the most recognisable tweet of all, the wren’s long, loud, varied song always with a trill towards the end. Stunning.


Saw some of these in my garden yesterday, Long tailed tits. Very cute :heart_eyes:


Not birds - but I think I’ve seen bats flitting about at dusk, anyone else?


I’ve not seen them around the house, but there are bat colonies around the area. There is a sizable on in Sydenham Hill Forest based in the old railway tunnel. I gather there may also be one in Dacres Wood. Seems reasonable the bats would hunt around the area.


Good few bats flying around the side of the hill from Waldenshaw up to Horniman. We used to sit outside at dusk in summer and watch them flying around.


Was just watching this fine fellow collect food from the lawn. Common but not our list I think…


Hello all. Its been a while since last on this site. Birds are busy and gardens in Forest Hill are looking at their very best. Goldfinches flock to my bedroom window, Forest Hill, Wynell Road to feast on sunflower hearts or niger seed.


Anyone know what this is? I have guessed at a juvenile Jay but it looked much bigger, though was pretty far up in a tree so I may have misjudged.


Its a Jay, which is the Crow, Corvid family


The swifts are back! They seem to prefer the Vale side of the tracks :grin: as they nest in Wynell Road (runs parallel with Mayow Road at the PV end) and Kilmorie Road (Stanstead Road end). No known nest site on the west side of the railway although someone claims to have seen 10 over Grassmount.

Lewisham Swifts is encouraging people to report swift sightings to them so they can plot them on a borough-wide map:


Yes, the swifts are back! Swifts are known to be nesting in Forest Hill (in Kilmorie Road off Stanstead Road and in Wynell Road off Perry Vale) and are a common sight (and sound) in the skies above those areas. Swifts are summer visitors to the UK; they migrate here to nest and reproduce and are only seen from May to August.

Lewisham Swifts is inviting people to look out for swifts and report their sightings to us so that we can record them on a Lewisham-wide map.

You can also listen out for them - they have a distinctive ‘screaming’ call and there is an audio clip on the RSPB swift page. We have information on our blog about how to report swift sightings to us and, if you’re really keen, how to volunteer to do a swift survey.

Swift numbers have been declining for years. One of the reasons is that swifts nest in buildings (eg in roof soffits) but modern building materials don’t have small spaces that swifts can nest in. Swifts pair for life and return to the same nest year after year. Swift enthusiasts across the UK are trying to reverse the decline by finding swift nests and engaging with building owners to let them know how to protect their nests. Installing nest boxes or ‘swift bricks’ near an existing swift colony also helps to increase the number of potential nest sites. 10 swift nest boxes were installed at the top of Wynell Road earlier this month in a joint initiative between Lewisham Swifts, Lewisham Homes and the Forest Hill Fire Brigade.

Lewisham Swifts was originally called the “Forest Hill and Lewisham Swift Group” and was created three years ago by a Wynell Road resident who had swifts nesting near her own home. The group is now spreading its attention borough-wide but as the Wynell and Kilmorie colonies were the original inspiration for creating the group, SE23 pride is at stake if we are to maintain our position as the borough’s pre-eminent swift supporters. So please do look out for swifts and let us know if you see them. We’re particularly keen to find nest sites in other parts of Forest Hill, especially on the west side of the railway as we’re not aware (yet!) of any swifts nesting there. Thank you!


On a short walk today I saw a tiny bird with a prominent yellow chest. From this post it would appear to be a tit, but seemed a lot smaller than the 12cm described in the link. It looked a bit like the juvenile described as it didn’t have a prominent crest. Could it be a juvenile tit a this time of the year?


I suspect a blue tit - they are quite small!


We heard an owl somewhere in the gardens between Tewkesbury avenue and Ringmore Rise 2 weeks ago. It twitwooed for at least an hour. Couldn’t see him of course


I’ve also seen a red kite fly over! Was so pleased to read this comment as I thought perhaps I’d gone mad as you just don’t expect to see them.

My favourite local birds are the beautiful jays. Wish we had a few less of the parakeets though to be honest.


When I was helping to build the new block of flats on Dacres Road we were often straffed by parakeets. On one such day I had my level up aginst the blockwork I’d built, checking to see if the wall was plumb. As I was looking at the bubble and hitting the blockwork with the handle of my trowel I looked back up at the bubble and a parakeet was perched on the top of my spirit level, calmly looking down at me.


I would love to see more parakeets in my garden. Someone once suggested putting fruit on a platform. I saw a house near Perry Vale do just that in their front garden. I may try to see if this works.