Black and white Cat hit Perry Hill

Evening. I was just walking home with my baby and a cat ran in front of our pram on Perry Hill and ran in the gardens of (front to the left) of Milverton House.

Driver stopped and wasn’t going to report to RSPCA but I told him he needed to. I tried to get near Cat to see how it was but it kept crawling away. Looks like broken back legs :frowning:️ However wouldn’t let me near and kept moving more so nothing I could do. Just got home and called RSPCA but they hadn’t had it reported.

Wanted to let everyone know incase you can help find it - if so please call RSPCA with exact location so they can collect and operate or help it. Because I have a little baby I couldn’t do more but it’s breaking my heart.

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That is so sad to hear but thank you for sharing. I put this out on the social channels. Fingers crossed someone nearby in Forest Hill will help find the poor cat.


I’m driving over now to see if I can find the cat.


I’ve had good snoop in the gardens around milverton house, round the parking area on the right hand side and under the cars in the road that runs around it. The injured cat was nowhere to be seen. I hope this means it managed to crawl home. If anyone has any updates on this please us know.


You’re a good man @anon5422159…this sort of thing is so upsetting.


Thank you for trying I really hope it’s ok. It did look like it was trying to crawl home. Fingers crossed.


Good on you Chris

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Did the cat look like this? (Reported missing from Perry Hill)


Gosh this is testing my memory now - I think it had slightly more black to its fur, but it was dusk. It could have been that cat though, particularly as it was hit on Perry Hill. When did it go missing?

This one went missing in the last week of Jan.

I think that is the cat that has been missing from Kilmorie Road. If you have a look on the Nextdoor website Chris. There is a woman on there whose cat has been missing for 3 weeks now & she posted a photo tonight which looks exactly like that one. I did suggest to her last week to post on here.

Yup, I posted her photo from Nextdoor here to try to help the situation, since she hadn’t posted here herself

That’s very kind of you, but we are still none the wiser then??

Nope, it’s very sad :frowning:

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Just seen a sign on the bin outside Sainsbury’s for a missing black and white cat from Lessing Street.

Assume you mean in Honor Oak Sainsbury’s? Seems a bit far for it to be wandering but I’m no cat expert.

Sorry, yes HOP Sainsbury’s. Does indeed seem a bit far.

Susan is still posting on Nextdoor, so I have suggested (if she hasn’t already) to leaflet her neighbours again & maybe a bit beyond, as it has been so wet people may but have been out in their gardens. Also if the worse has happened & the poor cat hasn’t been found, it may help…

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