Black and white cat spotted


Is this little cat yours? Hanging out at top of Dunoon road se23

Not mine, but relieved this isn’t about my cat - who seems to have become somewhat of a local celebrity! Hope this little one is okay and reunited with owners now.

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He/she looks like my friends neighbours cat Lupin, who has been missing since January. I will contact my friend now & tell her, thank you :blush:

You didn’t by any chance see what direction he/she went in? :blush:

Sorry no. And I’ve not seen the little cat since yesterday early afternoon. If it returns I’ll let you know.

That’s ok, but yes please :blush:I’ve told me friend who is going to tell her neighbour! They only live on Boveney Road…

We’ve been seeing this cat for a while now too (also Dunoon), but not today. If it turns out she’s someone’s (didn’t have a collar so I assumed it’s a stray) I’ll update here

My friend has had a look at the pic & says it’s not the cat that’s missing. She has no collar, but is chipped & more tabby .

Shame because the little cat is back this evening

Yes it is, I was really hopeful at the time.

Just to join up the dots - someone else has also been posting about what appears to be the same cat on FB. It seems it may have a broken tail, so I would say if you see it again try to hold onto it and give Celia Hammond or similar a call. Good luck!

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Been feeding her the last few days. Any update on whether she has an owner? We would take her in but she doesn’t like my other cat at all!

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