Black, Green and Brown Bin Collection Cycles

A very useful annual chart which displayed our bin collection schedules has expired.

I need an aide memoir to put all the bins out in the right week and went to look for an update on the Lewisham site.

No luck on an updated chart but got this helpful link:

Punch in your postcode, select your address and it displays what week the full set of bins should next be put out.

If anyone finds a printed chart - please share.

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We find it useful too, particularly to remind when the black bin goes out and of course changes to schedule due to holidays.

I had asked via Twitter a month ago if these were forthcoming and they said yes… a month ago (just in case you missed it).


I have an alert that goes off on my phone on a Monday evening. Well, two alerts, really, on fortnightly repeat and alternate weeks, in perpetuity. Tonight’s will say 4 Bins Out. Next week’s will say 3 Bins Out.


An alert on phone is comical :slight_smile: but a good idea @RachaelDunlop we often get in a muddle with ours.
We also received a letter from Lewisham Council a while back, which said they’d noticed our bins weren’t being brought in from the street. Which was a bloody cheek & waste of postage as our bins are alway brought back in early afternoon on day of collection.

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Rubbish and recycling collection is an absolute nightmare. I live in a different borough and the contractors cover 4 South London boroughs. Having proved that they’re useless, we’ve now moved over to wheelie bins and alternate week collections. It’s only going to get worse.

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Yes have been doing something similar. As we only ever put one black sack out a week, I check to see if there is one already there when taking it out. If so, it is bin collection week!