Black Lives Matter

It’s on all of our minds right now & I feel that our community really rally together in terms of what is primarily important. I would like to think and I believe that this community in Forest Hill are inclusive so I want us to carry on being that way. I am mixed race and strongly think that if we can continue to convey these thoughts then we will be stronger!!


I am sure that 99.9% of people in Forest Hill think that black lives matter HC. Welcome to the forum.

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Hi @HappyChappy and welcome to the forum.

As @Thewrongtrousers says I’m sure everyone will support your sentiment. I’ve always been happy that my children’s school educate about a wide range of cultures and religions so they can at least start to gain a better perspective.

We should all strive so that people are not discriminated against in any form be that based on their sexuality, gender, race, ‘class’, and any other group they put into, be that in terms of career, how they are dealt with in the criminal justice system, social interactions and feelings of safety.

Atrocities continue to occur daily across the world against innocent people by oppressive regimes and \ or people and groups, and in countries where intolerance is not only ignored but in many cases actively encouraged against certain groups of people.

To get this back to be more local focused, perhaps people could list locally based organisations that work against discrimination and towards equality for all that might need support.


I totally agree & your words nail it. My stance is that we absolutely need to support those in need and most importantly OUR local community. I will try and search some support systems and post if I can find them. In the interim, if any other people have some suggestions then please post. Intolerance is the key word here. We simply shouldn’t put up with any kind of prejudice of any nature or of any kind. There’s enough rubbish going on in the world to make us fully aware of this. My message of today is to try and be nice to everyone around you!!!


Thank you for your message.

Why does it seem so easy for many people to assume that the blank space after “BLACK LIVES MATTER” implies the words “more than anyone else’s life” and not just “too”?

The Rev Al Sharpton’s eulogy at George Floyd’s memorial was powerful.

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Can I just have a gentle request, please can we avoid politics in this, or any other thread on SE23.Life. this is an important topic and I would really not want it derailed by the inclusion of politics.

Thank you in advance.



The politics are important, however, I very much agree. That said, I feel that there is a hell of a lot of emotion around this subject and it is difficult for people. Look - the way I see it is like this. I faced extreme racism when I was younger whilst living in a predominantly white community. But…there must always be change & there always will be


“Be nice to everyone around you” - that’s HC"s message ,and that sounds like my kind of politics.*

  • (With the exception of fly-tippers - don’t be nice to them)

I have lots of faith in how FH. I love the way have pulled together and it sounds soppy but I’ve lived here for years and we’re a good community - no we’re the best # love foresthill xx


And Sydenham :heart:

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Last post didn’t make sense, kids in the background, I’m sure we’re all aware of children in lockdown who are a big distraction!! I have two (and also a cat). I did mean, keep faith & to clarify, I think we should just try and keep the community spirit up


“Let’s talk about structural racism but without discussing politics which is the mechanism by which these structures are built and maintained”.

Yeah, cool idea, lol


Cool idea

I think racism is a term that I personally find offensive but very trure, To be brutally honest and to put it out there, it’s the way people address colour is my bugbear

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Colour comes from every walk and life, my heritage is extremely mixed as are my children, going back to my original thread, Black, Asian, Hispanic, any one with brown skin lives with us and matters

Community is constructed on two levels, first is the notion of community, secondly is the feeling of worth - very deep !

I understood this thread to be about celebrating our inclusive community - whatever our colour, race, religion. Not about Politics.


No politics involved! I’m a sociology grad, looked up my old books that’s all. I’m as inclusive as the next person in this forum


Let’s bring this back! Black lives matter, Full stop, exclamation mark.