BOnA Pizza [Not For Sale]



Just had a delivery from BoNa. Delicious pizzas inhaled within minutes. YUM.


What toppings did you have, hope you never missed out on the cotto ham. It’s delicious!

Oh & just as a side note, I don’t sell alcohol the girls brought their own :joy::joy:


I had the cotta ham, OH had the sausage, broccoli, smoked cheese and chilli. rubs belly


We also tried the salami tonight with personal pizzas, it was good!



All clean & ready for tomorrow!


How do you order delivery? Just call?


Yup, just call & they will be with you in no time :slight_smile:


I think those which are GF would love to see a specific evening for them. My OH isn’t coeliac but knows I love pizza so would come along too. We now go to Mamma Dough and Four Hundred Rabbits in CP for pizza because we can’t come to you :frowning: which is a shame because we’d love to go more locally.


Would anybody like to buy a very nice pizza restaurant?


Oh No!!!
hope they’re not closing : (
We love it there !!!


Hello everyone, it was an old ad. Thank you for pointing out it was still live. We already asked for it to be taken down.