BOnA Pizzeria [2019]

Hi SE23,

My partner Milan and I have just taken over Bona. We would like to reassure everyone that Bona will remain an independent business and we will still be making all of your favourite sourdough pizzas!
We’ll shortly be moving into the flat above the restaurant as Kasia & Andrea have now moved to Scotland to enjoy life in the great outdoors and we’re already enjoying the benefits of FH (thanks to St.David, Aga’s and Canvas & Cream for much needed caffeine fixes over the last few days). We’ll be updating Instagram regularly but please come and say hi, we’re looking forward to meeting you! Lindsay


Hi @Lindsay and Milan, and welcome to Forest Hill! Thanks for joining the forum and updating us about BOnA. Best of luck with the new venture :+1:

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Good luck Lindsay and Milan!


Thank you!!!

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went this evening. Still great Pizzas, lovely service.
Good luck guys…from what we experienced its still our favourite local pizza place:+1:

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That’s nice!
I guess that goes to show that the new owners took it on because they are as passionate about Bona’s offering as the previous owners and their customers.


Thanks so much!

Yes we are! Thank you for the kind comment!

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We’ve had events on the past two nights, @BOnA_Pizza must have delivered at least 40 pizzas to us.

The standard has been as good as it always was.


Lovely that’s great to hear, thank you!

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