Book club - 5 September @ The Honor Oak


Thanks to all who came to the last meeting. We’ve decided to take a summer break and have the next catch up in early September. Our book choice was supposed to be Sci Fi themed but I’m having trouble finding good suggestions. So… if anyone has anything they’d like to suggest, DM me - or else I propose we read the Patrick Melrose novels? .I’ll also set up a Whatsapp group for regular members a bit closer to September. Cheers, Natalie


Count me in for 5th Natalie.


Yes, I’m in, and either idea sounds good.

Hi Natalie, I really enjoyed the first one, and sorry I haven’t managed to make any others! I’m looking forward to meeting up again in September.

@book_club Hi folks, just to confirm the date is set for this as above and the book will be Patrick Melrose, Volume 1 (and 2, if you’re bored).

See you then with your best summer read recommendations. For anyone that wants to join the whatsapp group, DM me your number.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Great I have just bought all 5 for £10 so hope I like them! :wink:

Great. Looking forward to it

I’m in. See you then.


Excellent. See you there.

How do I DM you?

I’ve just enabled private messaging for you

Hello! I would love to join the next meeting. I’m guessing it is in October? Thanks!

Hi Kate, yep should be in first few weeks of October, will post the date after the September one.

Ignore me Natalie. For some reason I was thinking it was September and so thought that I had missed it. I’ll be there in a few weeks time.


No worries! See you there!

In case we’re still considering Sci-fi for the next genre, I’ve had a look at books that won both the Hugo and Nebula awards in the same year. A couple that stood out were, Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie and The Dispossessed by Ursula le Guin (Ken Livinstone’s favourite Sci-fi book). Any other suggestions?

The full list is at the link below.

No idea about Sci Fi so happy to go with your recommend! Let’s discuss on Wednesday…

@book_club @ChrisBeach Just realised that this should be 7:30, but not sure I can edit the time in the header

I’ve updated the time. The steps are:

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