Book club at The Honor Oak Pub (Book choice = The Dry)



Thanks again to those who came to the last one. I’ve had three book suggestions for the next one, links and poll below.

Suggest we give it till midweek and whichever book has the most votes is the one we’ll read. I need to confirm with the venue but likely to be same as last time (a little later to start as people requested).

The Bricks that Built the Houses, Kate Tempest -

The Dry, Jane Harper -

The girl who fell from the sky - Heidi Furrow -✓&q=the+girl+who+fell+from+the+sky


  • The bricks that built the houses
  • The Dry
  • The girl who fell from the sky

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Thanks all!

2018: The Year in Review

I’d sent a suggestion to the previous thread on Friday I think, Maggie Nelson The Argonauts; perhaps it got lost? No worries if the poll can’t be updated.


Hi Vika - sorry - not sure how I missed your post! I’ll add it to the list for April!


I wasn’t able to make the last one but will be at the next with bells on!



Ok folks, I’ve closed the poll to give people time to get hold of and read the book. As it was pretty close, suggest we read The Dry at the next meetup on 7th March and then read The bricks that built the houses in April…

Thanks !


Great, see you then


Just picked up my copy of the Dry from book shop and woman was v positive about it. Said it was for a book club and she agreed there was plenty in it for discussion. Can’t wait to start reading it on commute home now.


@natalieh101 you could put an affiliate link to Amazon for the chosen book each month, and earn some commission on sales to compensate you for your efforts organising the club :slight_smile:


Ooh, I could… but then I’m not sure I can be bothered :joy:. I’ll check it out tho Chris!


@book_club Hi all - quick update to let you know the date has been put back a week to Wed 14 March @7:30pm (the pub couldn’t accommodate us on the 7th). Gives you an extra week to read the book :joy:

@ChrisBeach - sorry chris, no idea how to amend the calendar date???


Don’t worry, I did it a moment ago :man_technologist:

If you need to do so again:

  1. Tap to edit the first post:

  2. Tap to change the date:


Cheers Chris!


Count me in! :grin:


Hi all, could you let me know if you’re likely to be coming on Wednesday? Thanks!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Hi Natalie,
We can’t make this weds but look forward to the next book and meeting.



Hi sorry can’t make it, husband’s birthday on weds. I’ll be there next month!


Hi Natalie, I’m coming but won’t get there until nearer 8.30pm. Hoping to bring a pal (who doesn’t do Twitter) but who has the book. Best Jill


Looking forward to second meeting - I’ll be there


I finished the book within a week of title being chosen so shall have to remind myself of the story today!


Hi Natalie,

I’ll be coming although I am not quite finished yet… :grimacing: