Book club - first meeting - Weds 31st January, The Honor Oak


Thanks for all the votes! Choice for our first meet up will be:

The Power, Naomi Alderman -

7pm Wednesday 31 January

To be held at the upstairs room at The Honor Oak pub

When we get a bit closer to the time, I’ll set up another poll to check who’s coming.

Hope to see some of you at the end of the month. Cheers, Natalie


Sounds great but wondered if 7 pm seems rather early for ppl getting back from work?

Just downloaded The Power on my Kindle. Can’t wait to start reading during tomorrow’s commute

I just saw this on Facebook, I got the book for Christmas! The race is on to actually get through it now! Can’t make it for 7, hope 8 isn’t too late to join in?

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Hi everyone - very very well done to @natalieh101 for making this happening, I know from experience that it’s not easy! I was just wondering how you were going to manage the night itself - there are 50 members/interested parties in the group and while obviously not everyone will attend, if there’s more than about 6-8 people it can be hard to hear people’s input etc. With e.g. 20 people, there would basically be 2-3 mini discussions going on instead of one larger one…

I was wondering if it might be worth going somewhere a bit less busy than the Sylvan Post, so that we have a chance of hearing everyone’s input? I don’t want to push too hard for the Honor Oak Pub as it’s much more convenient for me! But somewhere quieter?

Alternatively, if there’s a LOT of interest, and there’s a bunch of people who’d be up for doing it in Honor Oak rather than Forest Hill, then I’m sure they’d love to see us at The Clumsy Mole and there’d defo be space and not too much noise! We could all read the same book and meet on the same night…!

Suggest we wait until a few weeks before the first meeting and get people to RSVP so that there’s a better idea of numbers - and yes, might mean switching to another venue and/or having a few separate discussions. (I was a bit freaked out by the numbers :joy:).

Sure people can just drop by later on in the evening if they’re late home from work too…


Conscious that this post might be getting really annoying now, so last update for a while! The Honor Oak have kindly offered us use of their upstairs room, so have amended the location as such. Thanks again folks!


Great! Thanks for organising this Natalie and look forward to it



Ok all… quick poll to see how many of you are still up for it next week…

If you’re definitely going to make it, please reply ‘yes’ and if you’re not sure please reply as a ‘maybe’ just so that I can let the pub know how many of us to expect. Thanks!

  • Yes
  • Maybe

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Hi Natalie, I’m sorry I can’t make 31st as I’ve something I can’t get out of now that night. I’ll definitely make the next meet up - good luck with and hope you have a fun night!

I’ve not voted as its a no from me. Got given a ticket to Tosca. Very excited.


Next time!

Yes for me :blush:

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Yes but can’t get there till 8. Thanks for organising!

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Hello there. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come on 31st. This was in my phone diary but not in my paper diary and I double booked. So sorry. I really did want to come. I would definitely come next time if I can make the proposed date.

I want to come along and will do my best. Although I’ve not read the Power yet. I’ve been too caught up in Chris Cleaver’s Everyone Brave is Forgiven. It’s the best novel I’ve read in a long time.

I’ve also just sent the sequel to the Life Assistance Agency off to my publisher. so intend to read the Power.

Hopefully see you all next week.


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Yes please - halfway through the book: great choice!

Hi there,

What time will it be at ? Also, is it definitely the Sylvan Post?

All the best

It’s 7pm in the Honor Oak Pub

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Hi all, just to confirm we’re still on for tomorrow at 7pm at the honor oak pub. We’ll be upstairs on the first floor - ask the bar staff if in doubt. See you there!