Book club - first meeting - Weds 31st January, The Honor Oak


Hi Natalie,

I somehow managed to miss the venue change! Sorry I won’t be able to make tonight but loved the book :slight_smile:

Would love an FH venue if there is a discussion to split.

Thanks for organising!


Sorry Natalie but something has come up and I now can’t make it tonight - even though I managed to read the book! :disappointed: Please let us all know how it goes and what you decide to do next time!


I’m still in, hope there are still a few people going? Will be there for 7pm!


I reckon you’ll have an ideal number of people (obviously not all of these will come, but many responded “yes”) :


I think so! I’ll be there just before 7!


Perfect, see you soon!


Well in the end I counted about 23/24 people so excellent turn out. Think it being January had a lot to do with it and people’s New Years resolutions (or book as pressie for Christmas).


Well done @natalieh101 for organising this! Did anyone get a group photo?


We didn’t think about that! Although some people did ask if someone from the forum could swing by the next one to ‘verify’ people?


Thanks to all who came last night - for those who attended, please send me your book suggestions for the next one by Sunday and I’ll set up a new event and poll for next month. Cheers


I’ll keep an eye on the attendee list for your next meetup and if any of them are verified, I’ll set them up to be able to verify others. (I had actually done that with two people this time, but sounds like they weren’t able to make it to the event).

If anyone would like to get verified in the meantime, pop in to see @Pauline, in Sugar Mountain (Dartmouth Rd), or if you’re in Honor Oak, visit @No41Coffee on Brockley Rise, where the staff there will verify your profile. It’s free-of-charge and very easy (just add a profile pic and let them know your username).


FYI - I have added a “how-to” on setting up different types of poll. This method is good for choosing a date for the event.


Hi Natalie,
What an interesting discussion and group of people at BC last night.
I’d like to put forward a book- ‘ the bricks that built the houses’ by Kate Tempest. I haven’t read it yet but others who have say it’s a poignant observation of London life. Might be interesting.


Congratulations. While I couldn’t come last night if I had it would’ve been my first. If I come to the next one what can I expect.

Forgetting the first rule of book club, what happens at book club? And can it happen with so many people?


Thanks so much Natalie for organising the book club, I thought it was a very interesting discussion, and a lovely chance to meet some neighbours. I am still thinking about my nomination for the next one - I’ll get it to you ASAP :slight_smile:


Geat night and discussion! So many good things to read at the moment, I don’t know what to suggest first.

Good lists here…

Looking forward to the next one x


I’ll nominate The Dry by Jane Harper. Winner of Sunday Times Crime Book of the Year 2017. A friend of mine said she was so gripped she tried to keep reading while cooking her evening meal.


Thank you very much for organising Nathalie! I’d like to nominate The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson.


Hello, my nomination is ’ the girl who fell from the sky by 'Heidi Furrow. Main reason for nomination is I have the book at home and not yet read it. Did win the Bellwether prize for fiction. Published quite a few years ago. Note there is another book with same name by different author!
Copied below from Amazon
“A bizarre mystery surrounding a family tragedy forms the centrepiece of this atmospheric story of a mixed-race girl’s struggle for identity.
Orphaned and alone, young Rachel is taken under the wing of her strict African-American grandmother and moved to a mostly black community where her light brown skin, blue eyes, and astonishing beauty start to attract a troubling level of attention. As the terrible secrets begin to emerge, Rachel learns to swallow her grief and construct her own self-image in a world that wants to see her as either Black or White.
Inspired by the true story of a mother’s twisted love, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky is a lyrical and poignant journey into loss, trauma, and the kinship that eventually allows a young girl to face the truth, confront the demons she has buried, and finally achieve a sense of peace.”


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