Book club June 2021

Morning All,

Next book club meet is 9th June and planning to meet outside in Blythe Hill Fields to actually meet in person again. Obviously if weather is British then back up zoom which has worked well in the last year.

This months book choice was being inspired by being stuck in South East London.
The Ballad of Peckham Rye by Muriel Spark

Reading the book is always encouraged, finishing it not mandatory is run out of time or hate it. This one only has about 160 pages.
In general we try to keep options to below 300 pages and varied choices to hopefully have an interesting discussion about the book. Doesn’t have to be highbrow.
So bring a blanket, beverage and book :grin:


Hello, I’d like to attend this one please. Where do you meet in Blythe Hill Fields? Thank you.



That’s great. Always good to have new people joining.

We don’t have a set place as only did it once last year but we met at the crossroads right in the middle of the park. So whichever entrance you come in from you should see us in the middle. At least one person should be holding the book in their hand to identify the group.



Hi Sarah, is there a date and location for July yet? Thanks, Tatiana


Hi Tatiana - great to have you back!

The book for July is:
The Inugami Curse - Seishi Yokomizo
(Also known as the The Inugami Clan)

Wednesday 14th July

Venue: TBC

PM me your number if you wanna rejoin the WhatsApp group.


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Hi Natalie,

I’ve just come across your thread regarding a book club in SE23. I live on Boveney road and would be keen to join. Would you have space for one more?

Kind regards,

Welcome @Clairemc!

As you originally posted on an old post from 2019 I’ve moved your post to the most recent one relating to the book club which mentioned a meet up in July. Hopefully one of the group will respond to you with details of their next meet up.

Hi @Clairemc ,

Of course new members always welcome as people come and go.

Next meet up is 14th September
Venue Honor Oak pub is planned

The book is ‘a world without email: reimagining work in an age of communication overload’ by Cal Newport

So a different angle from usual perhaps but try to keep it interesting and varied.

Let us know if you are able to come (so we keep an eye out for newbies) and we also have a WhatsApp group where we tend to discuss plans more so than on this forum. Can add you to that if you are interested.


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Thanks Chris!

Thanks Sarah,

I’d love to join the September meeting. The book sounds great!

I don’t seem to be able to send you a DM with my phone number to add to the wats app group. I’ll try again later.



Hello, as a brand new member you won’t immediately be able to (to stop people spamming). Will send you a message now and then you can reply.
Message will be in green so you can see it is just a private message.


Hello! I’m wondering if the book club is still going and if you’ve got room for one more?


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Hi Trisha - we absolutely do!

Next meeting on Wednesday 13 September at the Honor Oak Pub. The book is Red Pill by Hari Kunzru.

Most bc conversation is on WhatsApp, will DM you to explain.


Do you mean October?

Right you are, thanks Chris - mindlessly copied and pasted.

It should be Wednesday 13 October.


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