Book Club




I would really like to organise a book club event on a Wednesday night at sylvan Post.
Would this be something of interest to anyone? Is there somewhere already doing this in forest hill?

Kind regards
David Gorton
General Manager
Sylvan Post

Book club?

I am in.


I’m keen!


Here’s a handy poll:

  • I’m in!
  • Might be interested in hearing more
  • The book club is not for me, but keep similar suggestions coming

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I would be up for it provided in a non claustrophobic area.


Ideally I would hold it in the back area. Which would be more than enough space


Dave you could possibly do this in collaboration with FH Library from October if you would like - meaning the library could lend you what specialised topics you would want each week x


Hi, is the book club still going? I’d like to join in


Hi unfortunately not many people wanted to do a book club :cry: However I did ask a while ago so may try again


The library still runs a book club so you could ask there.


I’d be keen to join too! :slight_smile: books + booze = bliss


Just give us a shout with all suggestions & sure we can do!

Email us or pop by - or just pop by & have a chat with @Simon :+1:


I love book cubs and recently had my novel - the Life Assistance Agency read by a local book club, who I then spent an evening with doing a Q&A and drinking wine. It was great fun!


I’ll be bending your ear on this soon Tom to hook up with the lovely @magse23 who runs a monthly book club at the moment at the library. She’s another local author & so lovely, you’ll love her spirit :slight_smile: